10 different types of Overalls

Zoom on 10 different types of the most fashionable pants / overalls!

Clothes, like almost all everyday objects and accessories, have evolved over time. We therefore moved from the fig leaf, to tunics and then to more modern and more practical clothing, adapting to our way of life.

In this article, we invite you to discover 10 different cuts of trousers/dungarees, as well as the details concerning each cut (bootcut, regular, baggy or loose trousers, etc.)

Before that, a little history lesson.

Even if it is difficult to know the origin of the first pants made , we can nevertheless say that in Europe, the modern pants, as we know them, date back to the 18th century .

Fashion therefore follows its short logic and adapts the clothes and the pants in this case, to our various daily activities, but above all to the morphology of each one.

Nowadays, men, women and children find their happiness through different cuts that suit everyone's silhouette and size.

Of course, the same goes for La Salopette. Being itself made up – generally – of pants and suspenders that join the upper and lower body .

Let's take a closer look!

1 – The regular dungarees

Regular dungarees have a standard or "normal" fit. This means that it has dimensions generally considered common for trouser size and shape.

It is characterized by a close fit , but not too tight or too wide , which allows you to feel comfortable and to move freely. It is usually made of comfortable fabrics such as cotton or polyester, and is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as for work, outings, dates…etc.

Regular dungarees

2 – The slim dungarees

The slim dungarees are fitted and form-fitting on the legs . It is therefore closer to the body than classic or regular fit dungarees. Its modern cut emphasizes the shape of the legs and has a narrow opening at the ankle.

The slim dungarees are clearly multipurpose, suitable for day or night, and can be worn in different ways. It is often made from fabrics like cotton or denim with medium stretch , adapting to the person's body.

Skinny dungarees

3 – Skinny dungarees

Like the slim fit, the skinny dungaree is a style of dungarees that is very form-fitting and tight on the legs . It is very fitted and perfectly matches the shape of the body, for a modern and elegant look.

Note that the form of skinny pants became popular in the 2000s and is still popular to this day.

So, skinny overalls are usually made from stretchy fabrics like elastic cotton or polyester to fit your figure perfectly. It is often worn with high heels for women and ankle boots for men, but can also be worn casually with sneakers.

skinny dungarees

4 – The "chino pants" dungarees

These dungarees have a more fitted cut than the straight dungarees, but less fitted than the slim fit dungarees. It is most often made of cotton canvas or velvet with a smooth and neat finish .

Just like the previous ones, the chino dungarees can also be worn on different occasions, ranging from work to leisure.

Chino dungarees

5 – Bootcut overalls

The bootcut cut is characterized by a bottom of the pants that has a flared shape at the base of the legs , allowing you to wear boots or high-heeled shoes.

Popularized in the 60s and 70s, this style of pants and overalls continue to be a popular choice for casual wear and workwear.

Indeed, the flared cut allows the bootcut dungarees to adapt to different types of shoes: boots, ankle boots, shoes or even sneakers.

Finally, note that bootcut overalls are often made of denim, but can also be made of other types of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, etc.

Bootcut dungarees

6 – The oversized dungarees

The oversized dungarees – ultra trendy in 2023 – are distinguished by their loose fit and which fall in a relaxed way on the body. It is often much wider than the standard dungarees and gives a grunge and comfortable look at the same time.

Oversized overalls can be made from many materials such as cotton, linen, wool, velor or denim.

Be careful, the oversize cut is cut explicitly to be wide. More simply and as an example, an oversized size S dungarees can be worth an L in a straight cut.

Thus, the latter can be worn with sports shoes, boots, sneakers, sandals and other types of shoes while adapting to all silhouettes!

Oversized dungarees

7 – Straight dungarees

Classic , the dungarees with a straight cut are characterized by a regular shape along the leg, with a constant leg width, going from the hip to the hem.

Straight dungarees are comfortable, versatile and can be worn for a wide range of occasions. It has adjustable straps, for a perfect fit that adapts to all body types .

It can be made of canvas, denim or linen, this type of dungarees is suitable for all genders and in all circumstances!

Straight dungarees

8 – Carrot overalls

What is called carrot overalls or carrot pants is a type of cut that is wider at the top and becomes narrower at the bottom , similar to a carrot.

Carrot overalls typically have a high waist and a wider leg at the thigh that gradually tapers down to the bottom of the leg. It can be made in various materials, such as denim, cotton, linen or even wool.

For the record, this type of trouser cut was popularized in the 1950s and is often associated with a more vintage and retro style . The carrot cut is generally more formal than straight or bootcut cuts.

Carrot dungarees

9 – Baggy overalls

Baggy dungarees are a style of dungarees that are deliberately wide in the waist and legs . She usually has a low and/or dropped crotch, and may have a flared or narrowed leg.

Ultra trendy in 2023 , this style of overalls is often worn by skaters and hip-hop enthusiasts, and was popularized in the 1990s .

Baggy overalls are often made from denim, cotton, or other hard-wearing fabrics, and are usually worn with a belt to hold them in place.

baggy overalls

10 - Bell bottom dungarees

Bell bottom dungarees are a style of dungarees that are tight at the waist then wide from the thigh to the bottom.

She has very wide legs and sometimes large side pockets . It is inspired by the pants worn by American actors in the 1920s and 1930s, which were popularized by 1940s cinema.

Bell bottom overalls are often made from fabrics like denim or corduroy, and are usually worn with pointy-toe shoes and a high-necked shirt for a 100% vintage look .

Bell bottom dungarees

How to choose La Salopette according to its morphology?

To choose a dungarees that suits your morphology , here are some tips to follow.

1: Overalls for pear-shaped silhouette

If you have hips wider than your shoulders and a marked waist , opt for overalls that have a belt at the high waist to mark your curves and a flared leg to balance your silhouette.

2: Overalls for apple-shaped silhouette

If your shoulders are wider than your hips , and the waist is not marked , overalls with a high waist and a straight leg can help you create the illusion of a slimmer waist.

3: Overalls for Rectangle Shaped Figure

If you have shoulders, hips, and waist that are about the same width , overalls with details like pockets or buttons can add structure to your figure.

4: Overalls for the hourglass figure

If you have shoulders and hips of similar width and your waist is marked , overalls with a high waist and a flared leg can help you show off your curves.

NB : it is important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing . These tips do not define a person's value or beauty in any way, they are only used to give style and fashion tips. at La Salopette® , we therefore recommend that you choose the dungarees that you like and in which you will feel comfortable.


To conclude this fashion chapter, we remind you that all the cuts mentioned in this article are available on our online store . Indeed, at La Salopette® , we update our collections regularly, in order to offer you the dungarees that will satisfy all your desires.

You can refer to the size guide as well as the advice of our professionals to choose the model that will enhance your wardrobe this season.

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