15 Styles of Women's Overalls

If it were up to me, overalls would have their own place in the temple of fashion . From the prime time 90s to the slow but steady comeback of the past two years, overalls have always been a fun and fashionable option. Whether you're looking for something a little more upscale, a trendier outfit, or just something cute and comfy, there's a dungaree out there to meet your fashion needs .

Not sure how to wear overalls? Carefree ! While classic denim overalls are a closet essential and super easy to dress up, they're certainly not the only option. From animal print to leather, dungarees have moved far beyond their blue jean roots , giving us the opportunity to wear them in other parts of our lives, like at work and when hanging out with friends. Plus, even if the thought of wearing dungarees to work makes you a little dizzy, that doesn't mean you can't switch up your style by trying on black or white denim dungarees on your next day at the park.

Whatever the occasion, from a picnic in the garden to brunch with friends, overalls are a simple yet fashionable choice . Check out 15 stylish and chic outfit options below that will have you glad overalls never really go out of fashion.

1 - Colored Overalls

The color block design of these overalls gives them a totally retro vibe. Paired with chunky heeled boots and a groovy patterned top , it gives off a very 70s look.

Although a bit lighter in the wash, these overalls have the same color-block/patchwork style, and are the perfect start to an overall 70s-inspired outfit. Try pairing them with these boots, and your look will be perfect.

70s Colorful Jumpsuit

Colorful Overalls

2 - Black Denim Overalls

Basic black overalls are a wardrobe staple and an easy way to add style to a very casual outfit . The color makes them a bit more chic than your basic denim overalls, without making them harder to match.

Worn with a comfy sweater and a pair of trainers, black dungarees are a casual yet stylish option for chilly fall or spring days.

Black Denim Overalls

3 - Classic Overalls

We can't talk about fashion in general without paying homage to the classic denim overalls . They're timeless, comfortable and can be worn with anything from a black turtleneck to your favorite striped sweater.

When you buy classic denim overalls, you want them to stay basic. Look for one, like this one, that has almost no detailing and fits like straight-leg jeans .

Classic Overalls

4 - Overall Dress

Tired of basic denim overalls? Try an evening dungaree dress ! Their denim nature helps keep the easy-to-wear element of the dungarees, but gives you the option of having a touch of originality.

Overalls dresses are the great clothing choice for late spring and summer . They add a feminine touch to overalls and can be dressed up or down.

overall dress

5 - Casual Overalls

Comfortable overalls will become your traveling companion on hot, lazy days, and can be used for a picnic with friends or for an afternoon reading in the park. You'll be totally comfortable, while exuding an understated, effortless style.

Wear these casual dungarees with a basic t-shirt during the day, and a simple cardigan at night, and your summer wardrobe will be ready . Whether you choose to finish your look with sneakers or sandals , you'll be ready to soak up the sun.

6 - Natural Overalls

With a bit of outside influence, these dungarees are a smart yet casual option. For a natural look, add the right accessories . Grab a woven-style bag and a pair of sneakers (heeled or not), and you'll be ready for whatever spring has to offer.

Natural Jumpsuit

7 - Overalls with Belt

The belt in this look adds a plus to your figure that we don't usually see with dungarees, and the pin stripe pattern adds an element of flare. Worn with the right blouse, these dungarees are the perfect way to make office attire trendy.

When you pair these pinstripe overalls with a bright red shirt and cinched waist belt, you'll wow the crowd.

8 - overall shortss

In an ode to a decade that continues to reinvent fashion today , these '90s-style dungarees bring shorts into summer fashion classics.

Paired with a fun graphic tee or a basic tank top, these shorts are a great option for enjoying the heat during the summer.

overall shortss

9 - Work Overalls

Utility dressing has become more and more popular, and a practical and comfortable style, an original style of the most trendy. If you try, I encourage you to embrace his laid-back nature .

While you can wear overalls year-round, they're best suited for fall and winter . Start by wearing warm sweaters and basic sweatshirts, then put on sneakers or boots to add a little style.

Work Overalls

10 - Overalls for Men

The boyfriend set is an alternative to the classic denim option. This is another casual style, but a great choice if you're looking to master the fine line between cute casual and overly casual.

A simple white hoodie and here you are with a casual outfit. It might sound weird, but the set creates the epitome of "cute without overdoing" style . Add a fun headband or scrunchie for a little pop of color.

Overalls for Men

11 - Corduroy Overalls

These corduroy overalls take the idea of ​​monochromatic style and can help add color and comfort to your wardrobe.

Since corduroy is a naturally soft and comfortable material, it will become a closet staple in the fall . Team them with a chunky green sweater for a monochromatic look, or wear them with a white turtleneck to make a statement on your winter evenings. Either way, you'll be stylish and warm on the next fall day.

Velvet Overalls

12 - White Overalls

Bringing white denim into the overall mix is ​​another great way to change the overall attitude of denim without complicating it. To achieve a neater look, stick to neutral colors to avoid strong color contrasts. Paired with a neutral blouse, a simple pair of mules and some delicate gold jewelry, your white overalls will go from simple to elegant.

Overalls Denim White

13 - Leather Overalls

Who knew overalls could have so much character? If you're looking for something different to wear on your next girls night out, try leather overalls .

Leather is an easy way to elevate any look , especially if it's overalls. Worn with a chic pair of boots, finish your look with a simple top.

14 - Neutral Overalls

More often than not, it's easier to step up the look of neutral-toned overalls, throw on a pair of black heels and a black tank top with these neutral, cotton overalls, and you've got the perfect outfit for your next date.

Overalls Beige

15 - Audacious Overalls

If you are looking for something a little more daring. Nothing is more eloquent and surprisingly easy to incorporate into your wardrobe all year round.

Since animal print is such a distinctive pattern, keep the rest of your outfit basic. In summer, wear them with a black tank top and strappy sandals , and in winter, try a black sweater and boots. No matter what time of year you'll look fierce.

Leopard Overalls

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