How to Customize your Overalls?

We all have one, or two, or more dungarees which are a clothing reference for us and which we will not abandon for anything in the world to other styles or clothing trends. This timeless but timeless garment accompanies us in all circumstances of our lives, so practical, comfortable, universal and timeless is it. However, and although we never get tired of it, sometimes we feel like or need to update it or personalize it depending on the circumstances or when we are going to wear it.

Yes but now, how to make it trendy? How to sublimate it with little nothings that will make a whole, that will make you stand out in the street? How to highlight these dungarees that you love to wear, if you ever have this little doubt that whispers to you that yes, dungarees are a safe bet , but you want them even more to be a model of its kind, a unique model, a model that looks like you?

Here are some examples of accessories to add to your outfit, to be declined endlessly, depending on the style of dungarees you want to highlight, depending on the shape, color, texture, and depending on the occasion.

1 - The chain

There, you are spoiled for choice, the style of chain and the pocket in which you will put it beyond, so that it is noticed, and so that La Salopette that suit you so well, are even more La Salopette than you will wear for a long time. The link chain, the multi-mesh chain, the silver or gold metal chain, will protrude from the back pocket of the dungarees and will give an elegant and retro look to your plain denim dungarees, black or blue, gray, beige, little matter!

The pocket watch chain worn on one of the side pockets, on beige, blue or black vintage overalls , will give you a perfect look, both stylish and relaxed. The little extra that makes all the difference!
You will also have, for a slightly more trendy look, the waist chain, the one that wraps around you, and thanks to which you will highlight your young, dynamic and refined temperament at the same time!

Vintage Overalls

2 - The belt

If you have black overalls , the must will be a golden belt , pumps or sandals with golden straps too! And with a little nothing, you will sublimate everything, with class and refinement. This ideal outfit for evenings with friends, at home or in a restaurant will suit you perfectly with its simplicity and elegance.
With a light or dark brown leather belt , mark your waist by slipping the belt through the loops of plain white overalls , or floral, patterned, it doesn't matter! All dungarees can be embellished with this type of belt. All belts, whether thin, wide, doubled at the waist, dropped on the hip, will go perfectly with your favorite overalls! By marking the waist a little with this accessory, you will redefine your look, your taste for a universal and timeless garment, which undoubtedly deserves to be magnified in all circumstances. Sexy and trendy in overalls, absolutely!

Leather belt

3 - Jewelry

- Brooches for you ladies, Pins for you gentlemen!

Without hesitation, dare the brooch at the waist! It's trendy, innovative, subtle to give more style to your style! On fluid, plain overalls, the round or oval cameo brooch will be the essential touch to give you nobility, elegance and superb!
Are you the casual type and want to dress up your overalls with flowers or patterns? You have an infinity of choices with brooches of all possible materials: The wooden brooch for a cool, ecological and country style, the brooch in metal , rhinestones, fabric, plastic. You will find how to dress your dungarees with this little detail that makes all the difference!
The brooch at the waist , the brooch worn on one of the straps, imagine all the possible combinations between all the varieties of brooches and the location where to highlight it, which will highlight you!!!
And you gentlemen, display your ideas, two or three pins fixed side by side on the suspenders, or the main pocket of your overalls, and already, you display your personality, you dare to be different, and affirm your good taste and your individuality!

4 - Necklaces and bracelets

Leather for you gentlemen , the bracelets that surround your wrist will match in color and material with the belt you have chosen for your favorite overalls!
Ladies, if you have vintage, loose overalls, then you need the fabric and metal necklace that will fall perfectly like a necklace in front of your overalls, accentuate the relaxed, comfortable and cool side that suits you so well, dare to contrast colours, play easily with all the models of very long, simple, double or triple necklaces! You will be a hit and be sure to be envied, copied!

5 - Scarves

Create your trend, with a small square of fabric simply tied to a belt loop and play with colors by contrasting squarely with the color of the dungarees or on the contrary by working on a shades of color. For example, a small red square on denim overalls will go just as well as another sky blue or dark blue on the same overalls.
With a larger scarf, you twist it so that you can play with it like a belt that you put in the loops of the dungarees, and there too the same principle: you contrast the colors and the patterns or you stay on the same color than your overalls. In any case, it will be a nice and personalized dressing , to your liking, and to your image!

As we can see, the variation of the customized dungarees is infinite , it is only limited to the borders of our desires and our imagination. With few means and objects, the dungarees come back to life, improved in their rendering and their shape by everything that can be added to them to modify their style.

The examples developed above are typically chosen from what we already have at home, and it is a desire to describe how, with a jewel forgotten in a box, a belt that we no longer use, sublimate this garment that is dear to us without being so, with the means to be revamped by what we already have.

6 - Iron-on parts

In a more manual way and perhaps a little more technical, give yourself the pleasure of giving a second life to your favorite dungarees, the one that has followed you for so long in the many events of your life, the one for which nothing world cannot convince you to come undone.
The way is simple and the result breathtaking: Again, free rein to your imagination and your creativity! Choose iron-on fabric squares to iron on your dungarees, take the fabrics you want, and transform your worn-out denim dungarees into trendy dungarees , with a patchwork effect, colorful, lively, spontaneous! You'll be wildly successful with the bonus of continuing to wear these dungarees, which will keep an eternal sentimental value for you!

Trendy Custom Overalls

7 - Beads, sequins, and embroidery:

If sewing doesn't scare you, you can add pearls of all sizes and colors to the places of the dungarees that inspire you: a gradation of pearl sizes on the top of one leg of the dungarees will be the most beautiful effect !

Sew sequins and give shine, you will play with the effects of light on your dungarees by sprinkling sequins on the pockets for example, and here is another look for dungarees adorned with a thousand sparkles!!!
Finally, on a small hitch (or not), do not hesitate to sew over it, an embroidered flower, or a heart, or a star for the star that you are, or your first name, anything is possible!!

About a hitch, but here let's be an expert, you can pull a few threads, increase this little hole which bothers you (perhaps) to accentuate the grunge side, not at all outdated, style of the eighties which is coming back in force with our rebellious teenagers!

The dungarees are for you a timeless part of your wardrobe, personalize this second skin and like a fashion designer, personalize it according to your desires and your momentum, to make them a unique dungarees, yours! Talented artist, you will appreciate to have valued it, these famous adored overalls, in your image, to your taste. Rest assured that it will reward you infinitely with well-being and assertive elegance every time you wear it!

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