How to wear overalls in 2023?

Wear overalls in 2023? We say YES!

At La Salopette® , we have prepared THE fashion update for the spring-summer 2023 season!

At the end of the year, the dungarees have not finished being talked about, quite the contrary... In 2023, they risk asserting themselves even more and promises to be the must have in all dressing rooms!

Thus, La Salopette in 2023, and more particularly the most anticipated model is well the cargo dungarees, with a wide baggy style bottom and pockets on all sides.

When the 2022 overalls were on the velvet trend… Well, for the spring-summer 2023 season, cargo and baggy seem to be seducing the most fashionable designers and fashionistas.

In this article, we invite you to discover all the fashion trends for the spring-summer 2023 season with, in addition, our advice for wearing our overalls well in 2023.

1 - Overalls in 2023: 90s inspiration

As everyone in fashion has noticed, overalls have made a strong comeback in wardrobes!

Movie stars, influencers or even singers, overalls have won back hearts and wardrobes. Straight cut, baggy, in velvet or jeans, this timeless and clearly vintage garment has made a triumphant comeback.

Because, as Yves Saint Laurent said so well " Fashions pass, style is eternal "... With this in mind, we must understand that the clothes that mark history - vintage and/or old school - naturally resurface, for us allow us to dress in style, whatever the situation and the time!

Overalls in 2023

1.1 - When the old school invites itself in 2023

In current pop culture, the terms “ Old School ” or “à l'ancienne” in French, are related to the objects, accessories and style of clothing that we wore in the late 80's and the 90's.

Inspired by the look of the rappers of the time, we find in the old school panoply: bandanas, banana bags, flashy colored t-shirts and the famous denim overalls with a baggy wide cut.

Thus, after the return of banana bags and bandanas, it is quite logical that La Salopette in 2023, baggy cargo version, make a comeback... The big brands such as Fendy or Diesel have understood this well, by integrating the cargo pants during the fashion shows for the spring-summer 2023 season.

2 - Fashion trend: which overalls to choose for the spring-summer 2023 season?

Like the cargo pants that stir up the crowds, La Salopette in 2023 remain a unisex garment, suitable for all occasions and all body types .

Here is our selection of overalls for 2023 , to wear without moderation!

2.1 – The baggy cargo dungarees: back to basics

As we said above, it's done, the baggy cargo pants straight out of the 90's are making a comeback. Although by 2022 cargo pants were already in every store, not everyone was interested in them (apart from millennials aka Generation Y).

Thus, La Salopette in 2023 will be the perfect fusion between the wide and comfortable baggy cargo pants and the denim overalls , practical in all circumstances.

Cargo dungarees go perfectly with a classic white T-shirt and trainers, and why not all-star sneakers, to stay with the old school theme!

The online shopping site la-salopette.us offers you different models of dungarees with baggy cargo bottoms, whether for men or women. Find out right here !

Overalls in 2023 baggy fisher cargo jeans

2.2 – Blue overalls: the color of the season

After barbiecare pink which was on all the catwalks and which all the stars wore in 2022, it's time for blue in 2023.

Indeed, blue will be THE color of the spring-summer 2023 season. When some great designers such as Jason Wu have opted for cobalt blue , others such as Prada or Burberry have opted for baby blue , more commonly known as “BabyBlue”.

Anyway, on La Salopette® you have a wide choice to have the blue dungarees that will accompany you during the season, and even after!

In addition, blue overalls go perfectly with many other colors… You can opt for a small ivory or black polo shirt during the day, and a colorful bodysuit and high heels for the evening.

Overalls in 2023 vintage blue velvet

2.3 – Black overalls for a gothic style

Let it be said, the Gothic style is just as timeless as La Salopette or any other garment that has passed through the generations.

Thus, black, lace and other similar accessories will also be in the spotlight for next season.

What could be better than overalls in black 2023 , just to be trendy and stand out. Because, even if the Gothic clothes do not speak to you too much, the style remains elegant and attractive. We saw this recently with the Netflix series "Wednesday" and its completely offbeat gothic look, which has won over thousands of young people around the world.

To do this, you can try our black overalls with a pretty black lace bodysuit, leather boots and a smokey eye with silver reflections. A look at the top day and night, whatever your morphology.

Overalls in 2023 vintage black corduroy

2.4 – The classic denim overalls

We couldn't make this selection without mentioning the basic blue jeans overalls . Moreover, the latter has its place in all the rankings of fashion trends for a few years now.

Old but gold , denim overalls, whether for men, women or children, appeal for their casual and practical side, which adapts to all situations and all types of events; it's all about the accessories.

So, to be fashionable and surf the baby blue wave, you can combine it with a top of your choice – bodysuit, t-shirt, oversize shirt – and accessorize according to your outing. During the day, all in sobriety, then in the evening, we switch to heels, some jewelry, a blue clutch, and you're done.

For you gentlemen, whatever your style of dress, overalls in 2023 are a must have. You can opt for the classic blue denim version , and accompany it with an old-fashioned white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. The perfect look in all circumstances .

Overalls in 2023 jeans bootcut pants

3 – How to choose your overalls in 2023?

Whatever the type of clothing, to make the right choice, there are two criteria to respect: your morphology and your well-being... And it's not always easy to combine the two, without one of them in pastry.

This is why overalls are THE item of clothing that manages to be halfway between comfort and style .

So whether you are tall, short, round or slender, overalls will be your best ally in 2023 .

Ladies, to be trendy and feel good, you can opt for cargo dungarees and accessorize according to your mood of the moment. Gentlemen, ditto, choose a size above, to be comfortable in your push-ups.

Is this the end of slim? Only time will tell... But, for fans of this tight cut of jeans, la-salopette.us also has slim dungarees , to the delight of Generation Z.

4 – Why wear overalls in 2023?

As we said above, overalls are one of the rare garments that combine well-being, comfort and style in a single piece.

But, let us list some (totally objective) reasons for you: why you absolutely must have overalls in 2023 !

  • It's totally trendy without being too fashionable;
  • It is made with robust fabrics and does not fear sudden movements;
  • It is practical and comfortable;
  • It goes perfectly with all the tops you have (T-shirt, polo shirt, shirt, bodysuit, croc top, bra…);
  • It adapts to all body types ;
  • It is timeless and suits all styles;
  • It is available in different forms (straight cut, crago baggy, dress, shorts, slim…);
  • It is suitable for all ages and all activities.

This is of course a non-exhaustive list… Because, we could cite many more reasons to have overalls in 2023 !

5 – Conclusion

To conclude this fashion chapter, fashionistas and other fashion designers agree that overalls in 2023 will continue the momentum of recent years, seducing the new generation while offering lovers of vintage and old school styles a another reason to renew their wardrobe.

That's good, because a-salopette.us is THE online reference for getting the best overalls, at the best price.

And because your satisfaction is our priority, we strive to offer you new products regularly, in order to be on top of the trends each season.

At la-salopette.us, we offer high quality overalls , made with care and shipped to your home in just a few days.

Last but not least; Remember to take your measurements accurately and consult our size guide to order La Salopette that will suit you and fit you perfectly. 👖

- Russo

J’adore les salopettes cargos et Baggy mais ça m’étonnerait beaucoup qu’elles soient à la mode ce printemps/été 2023 je n’y crois pas trop honnêtement mais bon on verra bien

- Russo

J’ai 2 salopettes pour le printemps mais elles ne sont pas cargo ou bien Baggy,elle sont slim je crois, ça pareille pour celle de cet été honnêtement je n’aime pas trop la coupe baggy, ça fait hyper large au niveau des jambes.

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