How to Wear Overalls in Winter

You might think dungarees are more of a summer item of clothing - think back to that winter you spent as a child wearing them during school holidays - but they do well in the colder months too. Take the example of celebrities in overalls to learn how to wear them, and you can as soon as this singular garment has everything to please!.

If you have a pair of jeans , replace your linen top with a lightweight hoodie or knit turtleneck. Stack outerwear — whether it's a leather jacket or a faux fur coat — and make seasonally cut hems with cute bottoms or ankle boots. This is the perfect time to break out vintage overalls in heavier fabrics like velor or cotton knit, which can be worn with light fall t-shirts and chunky turtlenecks.

With judicious layering, overalls can be a fashion item all year round, Winter or Summer. Below you will find ten ways to wear them, as well as the references in store!

Overalls + Graphic T-shirt + Camouflage Jacket + Ankle Boots

Overalls Pants White

We love head-to-toe white in winter, but the addition of the camo jacket takes this one up a notch.

denim overalls+sweater+coat+scarves+socks+heels

Vintage Jean Overalls

The details, from the coordinated scarf to the slightly transparent socks, are really great!

Overalls + striped shirt + faux fur coat + socks + backless loafers

Khaki dungarees against the cold

Who said painter's overalls couldn't be fashionable?

Overalls + black turtleneck + ankle boots

Blue Overalls

Keep it simple and stylish with a black turtleneck and patent boots.

Belted overalls + collared blouse + high heel ankle boots

Overalls with Bow

This dressier option proves that anyone can rock the trend.

Leather Overalls + Printed Sweater + High Heel Boots

Leather Overalls

Like leather pants, but better.

Denim overalls + sleeveless turtleneck + button down shirt + lace up boots

Warm Denim Overalls

Simplicity at its peak!

Overalls + Gray hoodie + Sneakers

Overalls Caramel

Bring out the Carhartts .

Denim overalls + Striped top + Oversize jacket + Sneakers

Hot Denim Overalls

Oversized layers keep you comfortably warm.

Jumpsuit + Bell Sleeve Top + High Heel Sandals + Hoop Earrings

Black Crossover Strap Overalls

The golden buttons make this outfit particularly sophisticated.

Classic Winter Overalls

Show them off with a 70s-style blouse.

Dungarees do Jean Pocket

You can't beat the classic.

Large Black Dungarees

Add a bit of color underneath, or go for head-to-toe neutral colors.

White Overalls for Winter

We love this head-to-toe winter white look.

Classic Denim Overalls

You can't go wrong with a loose, comfortable fit.

DIY Black Overalls
The staple item of work overalls gets a stylish update.
Overalls Woman Winter
Yes, you can also find skinny jeans overalls styles.
Heavyweight Overalls
The zipper is a touch of freshness.

BlueJean Overalls
Everything is better with a belt.

Black Leather Overalls
With their heels, these leather dungarees are perfect for dinner or an evening.
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