How to Wear a Overall Dress?

Some dresses are easy to wear. La Salopette have a unique style that you can put on without thinking twice. It can be said that it is a complete dress in one piece. Women wear it in their own way in many countries like America, Japan, India, China and Europe. Celebrities also like to wear it when they want to change their look and try something different from what we are used to seeing. Men, women, children and even the oldest love it.

1 - What is an Overall Dress?

It is a garment that covers the legs and upper body thanks to its bib. The dungarees dress looks like trousers but is covered up to the chest by two straps that hold the bib on the upper body. It can have buttons on both sides or zippers, side pockets and usually a very practical large front pocket. The most common materials are denim and cotton . It is famous as streetwear in Japan and America.

Before seeing how the dungarees dress is worn, we will go back to its origins. She is actually from a small Indian village called Dongri . In the 17th century, locals exported this fabric to England. Due to its durability and sturdiness, it has become popular among workers. In England, the name dongri turned into dungaree.

You can find overalls in many shapes, materials and colors, for example

- Short style

- Dress style

- Baggy style with a loose fit through the legs

- Slimfit style with a fitted cut to the body

- Vintage-style

It exists in many colors , whether in blue, black or white for the most classic models, we find dungarees in more daring colors such as green, yellow , red, purple and many others.

In the past, people, especially workers, wore it as a uniform . This practice is still valid today. Many professionals like engineers, painters, laborers, and people related to construction wear overalls. This is due to the strength and durability of the fabric . They can work efficiently and with authentic style.

It was fashionable in the 40s and 50s, then came back in force in the 90s, and today it is once again a sensation . As you know, a particular fashion style is repeated after one or two decades. You can see pictures of many celebrities in overalls or see them regularly when you go out for a walk. Many wonder how to highlight this unique and distinguished character .

Jean Overall Dress Tressia

2 - How to wear the dungarees dress?

There are no set rules for wearing a dungaree dress. You can wear it your way by pairing it with accessories . There are a few tips that we will give you to make it your own and feel comfortable in it.

The dungarees dress in summer:

In summer, when you want to wear light clothes, overalls can be the best choice. It composes an entire garment that you can dress up with a wicker bag and a straw hat for sunbathing days at the beach.

Wear it with different types of tops:

You can wear skin-tight white t-shirts with black or blue denim overalls, it's a classic! It makes your body look fantastic and sleek. If you want to go anywhere, t-shirts are the best option. There are no limits to tees. There is a long list of types of undershirts to choose from.

There are other tops like tank tops and crop tops that are also perfect additions to your look. Mini jackets or blazers are worn elegantly over an overall dress.

The dungarees dress in winter:

There are no seasons to wear it. Don't worry about the style; in winter, you still have a wide range of choices.

Turtleneck sweaters are very popular in winter. Celebrities also choose these sweaters to feel comfortable. Other than that, a simple black leather jacket gives your dungaree dress a glamorous look . You can also experiment with wearing hoodies and a pair of knee-high socks for a pampering day at home. There is no fashion faux pas with the dungaree dress.

Check for yourself, some of these styles are never wrong!

White and black:

The marriage of black and white is a must in fashion . She is still attractive and decent. If you have black overalls, you can pair it with a white t-shirt. You can also do the reverse. Simple and elegant.

Detached the flap:

You can unbutton one suspender to make it look more elegant.

Some people like to look different and have a style that others don't usually - stripping La Salopette sets you apart from the rest.

Lumberjack style dungarees:

You can wear short overalls and a plaid shirt. What color will go best with it? It's up to you. Light colors go very well with this style, such as baby pink or light gray. Don't forget to try on heels or high tops.

Shoes to wear:

You can try on any shoes with your overall dress. As :

- Flat sandals for the summer

- Sneakers are always practical for their comfort and the classic style that emanates from them.

- Heels add a touch of glamour. If you want a trendy look, go for heels without thinking twice.

- Heeled ankle boots bring an adventurous air to your dungarees wardrobe.

Wearing the Overall Dress

3 - The Overall Dress

The dungaree dress is a complete fashion garment . It can be a nice addition to your dressing room. You don't need too many accessories to go with it. You can wear it as a casual dress to go out to lunch with your friends. It is also very practical for doing DIY thanks to its numerous storage spaces and its usefulness in all situations . Apart from all these styles and tips, the main thing is to dress in a way that matches your personality.

There is no downside to wearing it. It is a whole ! She is comfortable. You feel comfortable in this garment. You don't need to overload yourself with other accessories like bracelets, necklaces, rings by wearing overalls. On top of that, the fabric quality of La Salopette is long-lasting. What more can a dress bring you? It's a fashion statement if you want to stand out on your next outings.

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