Overalls and Winter

As a woman, wearing clothes that are easy to put on, comfortable and stylish is a must. And recently, I discovered overalls ! I don't know what took me so long to jump on the bandwagon, but I'm glad I did. Moreover, they give me the impression of being at the forefront of trends because they are original and full of charm . And if you have a long torso like me, overalls are the perfect fit because you can adjust the straps to fit your body perfectly. Denim overalls are my favorite because they're washable and they're generally nice and stretchy. You can also wear them all year round . But there are so many options when it comes to wearing them in the winter, so I'm going to share my tips and tricks with you.

1 - How to Wear Overalls in Winter

As I said before, overalls can be worn all year round. However, it's easier (and probably more stylish) to wear overalls in fall and winter! Winter is a time when layers are layered, and nothing is more so than overalls. My outfit is also one of the easiest to wear. Black overalls are more understated and pairing them with a white blouse is chic and simple . I chose the sneakers because they are comfortable and comfort is all I need in life. If it's colder, I can wear a chic leather jacket over it to complete my look.

Women's Winter Overalls

2 - Different Styles of Overalls

Before giving you my advice for wearing overalls in winter, I suggest that we start with a summary of the different styles of overalls that exist.

2 -1. Long Overalls

This is without a doubt the classic style of dungarees and the most popular ! And for good reason. It's so easy to wear with a cute top, like a blouse or a crop top . I also really like that there are so many variations, like skinny pants or wide leg overalls. You can easily pair them with sneakers or boots.

2 - 2. Overalls in denim or other fabrics

Denim is the most popular type of overalls, but there are other fabrics too! I found some really cool velvet and corduroy styles. And even cooler, I love leather overalls! Or faux leather if you're on a budget (I am!).

2 - 3. Dressy Jumpsuit

Overalls are the cutest and possibly the most unexpected style! It's a perfect way to give overalls a feminine look . If you wear them in the winter, wear them with knee high boots for extra warmth.

2 - 4. Overall shorts

It's not the style for winter, but it's really cute for summer and spring! Paired with sneakers and a white t-shirt or crop top, it looks very smart and casual .

Different Types of Overalls

3 - What should be worn under overalls?

There are many options for tops to wear under La Salopette. From sweaters to blouses, buttons to top hats , the choice is endless! It all depends on what you want to wear when you dress up. If it's cold, try a cozy sweater . Not only will it keep you warm, but it's not a typical choice, so I love the unexpectedness. Plus, you'll be so comfortable! If you want a more feminine look, try a cute blouse . Overalls may not be so feminine, but if you pair them with a pretty silk or floral blouse, they will be really soft and pretty. Details like puffed shoulders or bow embellishments are perfect. Or, if you're just at home, a button up top is perfect. A flannel button is always a good option for winter, as it will keep you warm without the weight of a sweater.

Clothing under Overalls

4 - What should be worn over overalls?

Since I'm talking about winter, I have to talk about coats and jackets ! When pairing your overalls with a coat, length is key . In my opinion a longer coat or a hip length coat would be best! Another option with a coat is to go with lots of texture! Faux fur and leather remain interesting, chic and trendy options. A fitted blazer would make La Salopette look smooth and polished , and I love the idea of ​​pairing overalls with a piece of the opposite style.

Wear a Coat with Overalls

5 - The best shoes to wear with overalls

You know I love a good pair of sneakers . They are comfortable and always classic. Both high or low are perfect! Ankle boots are also very popular to accompany overalls. Everyone has a pair and they will dress up your look a little more than sneakers . Of course, flats and loafers are classic options, and always comfortable! I love pointed or patterned flats because they can really accentuate your outfit.

Dungarees with High Top Sneakers

6 - Where to wear overalls in winter?

Honestly, wear overalls everywhere ! Ok, I'll be more specific. The dungarees would be perfect for an afternoon at the brasserie with your friends. They're casual and cool and show off your great styling skills. Or for a morning of shopping, it's an outfit that's easy to put on and take off while you're trying on loads of clothes! You can also wear them around the house to do chores or run errands. The dungarees are suitable for all occasions because there are so many variations that there is bound to be a perfect model ! With a good coat in winter, you can wear it everywhere in addition as it is designed to layer clothes, it adds a layer of warmth that we greatly appreciate in winter!

Where to Wear Winter Overalls

- Russo

Bonjour je porte des salopettes depuis que je suis plus jeune. J’adore cette combinaison facile à marier, c’est simple ça se porte avec tout

- Russo

Moi j’en ai au moins 5 pour le printemps/été 2023, je l’ai mis ce week-end mais il faisait hyper beau mais très frais aussi et heureusement j’étais bien couverte sinon j’aurais peux être attrapé froid, mais ça a été Merci À bientôt Gaëlle russo.

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