How to Wear Japanese Streetwear Overalls?

Have you ever wanted to see a beautiful mix of cultures in clothing style? You have to take a look at the Japanese streetwear style . Casual clothing is more commonly known as streetwear. A style of clothing in which you not only feel comfortable but also elegant.

The traditional Japanese overalls are still in style, but the streetwear style goes further with different models.

The evolution of style:

Evolution is an unstoppable process. Japanese streetwear has come a long way since the 1990s. The era of streetwear has its roots in the 1970s and 1980s . The rebellious and new thoughts of young people offer a new way of life that has an enormous influence on fashion.

The mixing of cultures and the recognition of the West as a fashion model are the basis of what the Japanese call streetwear . Around this time, New York streetwear evolved, and others followed suit. The Japanese youth of the 1990s also adopted it.

After a decade, thanks to the hard work of fashion designers, the Japanese are now able to establish their streetwear style. In Japan, streetwear is not a symbol of the style of supermodels but it highlights the personality of people. Designers keep in mind a practical dress and then come to invent something.

Harajuku Street in Japan is a place that has had its ups and downs in different streetwear trends. If you want to witness true streetwear style, Harajuku street is the best place in Tokyo.

Japanese Urban Overalls

1 - What is Japanese Streetwear Fashion?

Japanese clothing trends revolve around their culture and the expression of their inner self.

Designers experiment a lot with colors, prints, and patterns . The word that comes to mind is "bold". Here are some of the famous Japanese street outfits for men:

- tight ankle pants

- Tech wear cargo pants

- Loose Japanese style pants

- White camo pants

- Multi-pocket camo pants

- Baggy pants for men

And these pants can go with it

- Different types of kimonos

- Hoodies

- Jackets

- Streetwear shirts

These outfits take up the basics of Japanese urban fashion, but if you want a trendy and original look, you must opt ​​for overalls that use the same cuts as these classic pants with a unique touch.

For girls, things are a little trickier. They like to wear a mix of monochromatic and bold colors with platform shoes . Here are some very trendy outfits:

- Loose fitting hoodies in bright colors with mini skirts.

- Pink jeans (from light tea pink to hot pink) are always very trendy.

- Cargo pants with fitted t-shirts.

- Denim overalls can never be an outdated style.

The Japanese have their way of making it elegant. Among all the street clothes on one side, overalls have their own unique look . Here are some of the benefits of making dungarees your everyday outfit :

- You can wear it in any weather and any occasion.

- La Salopette are easy to wear and give a casual style.

- The dungarees as city clothing play on an original and assertive style, which exposes the best of your personality.

Japanese Streetwear Overalls

2 - How to Wear Japanese Overalls?

In Japan, not only boys but also girls like to wear overalls as street clothes. La Salopette are suitable for both boys and girls . Young people, especially girls, are always ready to wear denim jackets, jeans, pants or overalls. To give a different look, you can buy cut overalls. But if you can't do that, add an outside hem at the bottom of the leg and give it a refreshed look. Here are some ways to wear overalls:

- Denim overalls with crop tops:

Crop tops are streetwear in themselves. Pairing them with overalls will heighten the overall look. You can wear a monochrome crop top (black or white) with light blue denim overalls.

- Overalls with a shoulderless top:

You can combine your overalls with a shirt with low shoulders that will highlight the straps of La Salopette and your neck.

- Overalls with a turtleneck top:

In winter, the best way to wear overalls is with a turtleneck. Not only will it protect you from the cold, but it will also give you a fashionable celebrity look.

- Mini-skirt style dungarees:

Miniskirt overalls are also very common among young girls. These overalls are available in many colors. From pink to black to blue and some flashy tones. It gives them a chic and assured summer look.

- Dungarees with small upper jacket:

The small monochrome top jacket goes well with La Salopette in winter.

- Overalls in elegant mode :

If you do n't want to wear plain blue trouser- style overalls, you have plenty of other choices. In vintage overalls you can find overall shortss in general. It will give an authentic look that will increase your self-confidence. It is also the best fashion statement.

The types of shoes you wear also change the look of La Salopette.

- Camp boots go great with short overalls.

- Printed sneakers, a great classic of Japanese fashion with overalls and wide pants.

- You may not suspect it, but try overalls with heels; it will give you a modern look.

- For more casual outfits, canvas pumps and sneakers are La Salopette' best allies.

- In summer, sandals are the best choice for their cool and practical looks.

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing overalls. However, blue, black and white are universal colors. But you can also choose colored overalls . All you have to see is how you like to wear overalls. Your style matters a lot.

A word of advice: don't try too many accessories with denim, so as not to overload the natural side of your outfit.

Japanese Overalls for Women

3 - Streetwear Overalls and Denim

Denim bears an American name, yet originating from the city of Nîmes in France, this name is the best known today, but the Japanese also made their denim. It is 100% made in Japan . Due to constant demand, many famous brands in Japan produce jeans. Here are some of the famous denim brands in Japan that make it:

- Pure Blue Japan

-Big John

- Evisu

- Stevenson Overall Co

- Momotaro

- Ironheart

- Samurai Jeans

The Japanese are obsessed with streetwear styles, but you can't deny the popularity of overalls . There are still people in Japan who like overalls. Sometimes when you want to switch up your look for something different and classy, ​​she is the best option. It is both modern and elegant.

Thus, after a long break, La Salopette are back in the foreground, this is confirmed by seeing the number of young people wearing overalls in the streets of Harajuku.

Many people like to follow fashion, but some follow their heart. They want to wear what suits them. So whether it 's dungarees or other street wear, there are no specific restrictions to go with your style. In overalls, there are so many styles and things to combine.

Overalls are a kind of street wear that people will notice everywhere in the crowd. We even find the dungarees dress which dresses your distinguished look with originality and makes your presence memorable.

Urban Denim Overalls

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