Tips and Tricks for Wearing Overalls for Women

We decided to highlight through this article, the point of view of an independent stylist who gave us her love for overalls . Here is what she told us:

Well, it's official, I have a legitimate obsession with overalls. I now own three. To be completely honest, I want more. I saw one with a stylish camo that I really covet. Definitely my next craze. It all started with classic black dungarees that I first wore for a meal with friends. Then I bought overalls in the same style with a different shade so I could pair up with my little cousin to go out in matching clothes. When the temperatures started to rise I bought a pair of shorts which I now share underneath. I can not stop ! They are so cute.

Not to mention that they are totally functional for me as a mother. It's often rare that I find something both trendy and functional . I had a few style questions from you about them. Today I thought I would share with you some tips on how to wear overalls . Let's face it, people often associate overalls with farming . They can get dirty very quickly but at the same time they were designed for. Below you will find many tips and pictures.

1 - How to wear overalls

In my opinion, if you wear long dungarees, the cut should be straight or slim , even if the bell bottoms are making a noticeable comeback on the front of the urban scene, I find that this does not highlight my femininity enough. This is the key tip when it comes to wearing long overalls. If you wear it with slim pants, La Salopette will default to a modern and trendy look.
I also suggest that it be a bit cropped , i.e. you don't want it to be ankle length and full length like normal jeans. You can always arrange this with a hem to give your pants a 7/8 length .

Trendy Blue Overalls

2 - What shoes to wear with overalls

In my opinion, the best shoes to wear with dungarees are sneakers , without hesitation, I've also seen dungarees dresses lately that I imagine perfectly with a pair of pumps, but sneakers remain a safe bet. By nature, overalls are a casual outfit in the making. See examples of every shoe option I've tried!

1. Sneakers are a great option. It is especially a good choice if you wear long overalls and a long-sleeved shirt , that is to say if it is a cooler season.
2. Flat sandals are also an easy choice. This is what I would associate with overalls when wearing them in the warmer months , with short sleeves or a tank top.
3. Mules can also be a good option for the cooler spring/fall season if you want to dress up your long overalls but don't want to wear sneakers.
4. Finally, you can wear boots . It's a bit more of a hippie take on overalls , and I love it. I recommend wearing flat ankle boots with your long dungarees during the cooler months, unless you are an experienced person who wants to try boots with short dungarees during the summer.

Blue Denim Short Overalls

3 - What tops to wear with overalls

Although you have a choice when it comes to shirts, my main advice is to keep your top fitted . It doesn't have to be tight, but you don't want to have a ton of bulk under your dungarees, ie avoid a sweater, except in winter of course, or think about a lighter fabric. Otherwise, you risk creating bumps under La Salopette, which is not flattering. I have tried to give as many examples as possible below.

1. The easiest thing to wear with overalls is a fitted t-shirt of any type . It's what I wear most often. You can't go wrong with this option whether it's solid or striped. Fun details like a leopard print or a slightly ruffled shoulder will keep your dungarees fresh and modern like a real statement beauty asset.
2. In the summer, consider an off-the-shoulder tank top or crop top for those who want to be bold.
3. For evenings that are a little dressier, try a button-up top or a cute, fitted blouse .
4. Vary the length of your sleeves according to the season to make La Salopette suitable for different periods and occasions.
5. During the cooler months, you can add a long cardigan to your overalls for extra warmth and a cooler look. It is best to add layers over your overalls.

Black Jean Overalls

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- Gaelle

Je suis une fan de salopette j’en ai plusieurs de couleur et aussi une robe salopette je l’adore mais je peux la porté uniquement le. week-end et surtout beaucoup l’été avec de jolies sandales et un jolie vernis à ongle et de jolies bijoux c’est pas mal. À Bientôt Gaëlle russo.

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