The evolution of the Dungarees

In this blog, we have decided to offer you a detail on the creations and the particularities of each of the collections. This helps to understand why these collection coats are so popular in the professional world, whether in craftsmanship or on the biggest haute couture shows. To address this subject, we will present to you what defines this garment through different eras organized chronologically, with quick and concrete examples of these applications in society over time.

Overalls are garments that traditionally include pants and a bib that covers the stomach and chest. In most cases, it has buckles and buttons near the shoulders. Most bib overalls have plenty of pockets, including a central chest pocket and several on the legs. Some pairs also have a hammer loop, where this tool can hang from the head without scratching the wearer's leg.

This timeless classic has found its way into all of our wardrobes at some point. It is always with a singular and jovial memory that we find photos of our early childhood where we proudly wore our denim overalls to play in the fields, pick fresh fruit in the orchard of our grandparents. So many memories that have forged the love that we all have for this coat over time and we are going to present to you its evolution.

1 - The ancestor of La Salopette

Often called Slops , they are the ancestors of the very first overalls , which were created in the 18th centuries in the United States. They were reserved for workers and were considered a symbol of lower class. These overalls were not made of denim, but instead of a hardwearing fabric that one would consider heavy cotton today. They were built for durability, not comfort, and weren't even particularly snug. Men usually wore them over other pants.


2 - The practical side of the bib

As the factory dumps were not ideal for most workers, customization came into play . This included pockets for all tools including rulers and pens. The standard colors of white for painters, blue for farmers, and stripes for railroad workers appeared around the 1850s , and manufacturers began making them out of denim, a hardwearing cotton fabric.

3 - Women and work clothes

Considered a unisex garment today, this was not necessarily the case more than 100 years ago. In the 1900s, you could also see women in suspender overalls . Actress Helen Holmes wore a pair in a silent film in 1914, and many will remember Rosie the Riveter , dressed in overalls, on her "We can do it" posters during World War II. She represented the millions of women wearing overalls in wartime factories .

Overalls for Women

4 - Children in overalls

In the early 1900s, OshKosh B'Gosh began selling bib overalls in smaller, cuter sizes so children could dress like their parents . Once these children's overalls were featured in Miles Kimball's catalog, sales skyrocketed . These dungarees are still a very popular piece of children's clothing today.

child wearing overalls

5 - Overalls, queen of fashion

Dungarees left the factory and hit the streets in the 1960s. More upscale retailers began producing them in luxurious fabrics with a large number of colors. Plaid and patterned overalls also appeared in boutiques, and some bought overalls simply to show off the high fashion labels. In the 1990s, many popular hip-hop artists wore overalls that had one strap unbuttoned , which started a recognizable look that caught on in high schools around the world. The dungarees have become an intergenerational garment that appeals to adults and children alike, and men and women alike. This prestigious garment influences fashion trends and it is not about to end.

Fashionable Stars with Overalls

6 - The Short Overalls

We couldn't miss it, its short cut which is an integral part of the panoply of overalls of choice, we can't really define when the short overalls were born but it was a classic denim overalls that was cut at the knee to give his pants a summer freshness combining lightness and comfort for unforgettable evenings by the sea .

7 - The Ceremonial Overalls

In 2007, actress Cameron Diaz appeared on MTV's countdown video show, Total Request Live, wearing a large overall dress with a bib . This shows that dungarees are no longer considered just work clothes. Although still very popular with painters, farmers, mechanics and carpenters, it has come a long way since its initial stigma. We find it today in all the biggest parties. The unique and authentic character that emerges from this coat is ideal for creating a sensation during ceremonies or chic evenings.

Even today, overalls never cease to impress and are still just as popular with all generations , all social classes. She has always followed and influenced trends and it is not ready to stop!

Cameron Diaz in Overall Dress

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