The Beige Dungarees, more than just a color!

It's time we talked about a particular shade, a modern neutral color that has established itself as a reference in the fashion world: beige .

It is present on the catwalks at each fashion show of the greatest fashion designers , we meet it in different tones, with new and classic textures for looks that are always creative with a distinguished elegance .

Overalls Beige

1 - What is the beige color

Beige represents a variety of colors fluctuating between a cream hue and a pale yellowish hue. In France, this color has existed since 1850, it used to designate a natural wool that is to say which has not been bleached or even dyed. Gradually, this term "beige" took its place in the language of Molière before being democratized throughout France before being taken over by the English and other European countries. We owe him this growth thanks to the author Edmond de Goncourt in his novel: "La Fille Elisa".

At the beginning of the 19th century, the term écru evoked a shade similar to that which is now called Beige, which led to confusion, especially for wool merchants. Other colors are often equated with beige such as khaki, buff, ivory, off-white, and desert sand . It was not until the middle of the 20th century that interior designers defined the pigments that represent the color we know today.

From the 1960s, the first telephones and computers adorned a desert sand color that resembled the beige that we know. What still mix the spirit of the general public on this so particular color. Makeup companies have interpreted beige as a light to medium skin tone . This is the most common definition even now.

Often related to the world of work , beige is a difficult color to produce, especially in printing. It requires such low ink levels that it will sometimes print purple or green by mistake. It is omnipresent around us and more particularly on the renderings of buildings. Beige is a staple of minimalist fashion and design .

Wearing Beige Overalls

Psychology of beige: It is a shade warmer than white representing simplicity and serenity . It has this particularity of being sober and discreet. It offers a quiet, clean look with a serious tone that doesn't attract attention. It is a basic color that does not take risks and allows a chic style on all occasions. You will see in the last paragraph how to highlight it with the other pieces of your wardrobe.

2 - The Beige Dungarees

The beige dungarees inherit a noble character that adorns the canvas of this timeless overall, originally designed to help workers and craftsmen in their daily tasks by offering them clothing in which they feel comfortable and benefit from great freedom of movement. Multiple storage spaces made it possible to bring their tools to all sites in the most ergonomic way possible. In addition, this famous overalls features a bib, which serves as a bib, so as not to dirty the clothes worn under La Salopette.

It was at the end of the 1960s that the unique encounter between the professional world and that of fashion gave birth to the Salopette Beige . This ecru color is very common on the walls of buildings and in the computer world (the first computers and telephones were beige). It is under these conditions that the connection between beige and overalls began. We started to see many sectors such as network antenna repairers, architects, technicians, and even some engineers proudly wearing this beige breastplate over their pretty shirts. Thanks to its development within the industry, this colour, so particularly difficult to define, has found its place in our wardrobes . We all know Burberry and those legendary beige trench coats with black and red checks. It is rare to find a brand that does not highlight this sober and refined shade , it inspires a chic discretion found on handbags or tuxedos.

The dull and boring color it once stood for has totally changed to have this elegant and noble reputation . Just like other colors, beige does not match all shades, so it is essential to choose your outfit carefully to maintain the unique charm of this color. The nuance between elegance and deliciously thought out workwear is perfect and it is not about to stop, we can see it with the plumber work overalls .

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3 - How to Wear Beige Dungarees

A very light or very dark beige, in cold or warm tones of cinnamon or honey. A head-to-toe beige in the same or different tones, a one-piece beige that accentuates or attenuates an entire look.

A total beige look, in high textures, is the symbol of elegance . A wool, leather or corduroy blazer sets the tone for the rest of the look and is so sophisticated. Beige pants and a beige skirt are the clever base for a minimal look.
Below are some tips for our favorite color:
- Wear your beige look with a light makeup palette. If you don't usually wear makeup, go for a bold lipstick only.
- Elevate your look with accessories .
- If your skin is fair, opt for a cool shade of beige, or a warm shade if your skin is sallow.
- Match beige to different shades and textures. Viscose and shiffon with leather for example.

For the best result, start with the light shades from the top and go to the darker shades going down.
Beautiful combinations are possible with such as:
- black or white
- floral, striped, checkered and leopard patterns
- darker colors
- blue and of course gray

Beige can be the protagonist or the absolute wild card in the fashion game.
Whichever way you choose to use it, beige is chic, down-to-earth, and serious . It is minimal, earthy and expresses measure, inner strength and calm . It responds successfully to the scout for exceptional pieces.

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