The Blue Overalls

If there's one style that's popular with people of all ages, from teens to the 50s, it's overalls . How about adding blue overalls to your wardrobe? A combination of colors and outfits that is the epitome of a classic look. I think no one will miss it if you want to be impeccable in all occasions . Overalls are most often made of jeans. Maybe you sometimes wonder where denim jeans came from and how they became a staple in the fashion world?

1 - The Origins of Jeans

Jeans are not something new but a varied and modernized form of overalls. It has been part of most workers' wardrobes since the 19th century . Many people confuse jeans with denim. The reality is that denim is a type of fabric that jeans are made of. It was made in Nîmes , a city in France, for the first time.

The history of jeans begins with the association of a tailor, Jacob W. Davis , and a businessman, Levi Strauss . Davis was familiar with denim and Strauss worked in cotton. The two teamed up to create a denim jeans factory. Since then, jeans have experienced a real craze. It is one of the most common outfits that people wear casually or formally.

The specific blue color of denim jeans is called indigo . In South Asia, people extracted indigo dye from the Indigofera tinctoria plant, also known as true or natural indigo. In the past, people used to dye denim with vegetable indigo, but today they use synthetic indigo commercially. Yet now it is one of the most common and popular jeans colors for all occasions.

The advantages of denim jeans are:

- Durable

- Have a long lifespan

- Of excellent quality

- Soft and comfortable

Blue Overalls for Men and Women

2 - The Blue Overalls

If you think of overalls, the first color that comes to mind is blue. Blue overalls are classic , and this color never goes out of style. That's why this piece is a must have for your wardrobe.

Popular shades of blue:

A slight change in color shade changes the overall look of the outfit. This is why La Salopette are also available in many shades of blue . From light to dark. Here are some of the most popular shades of blue in jeans:

- Faded blue jeans are taking over fashionistas, we find them in streetwear trends with unstitched and then sewn pieces to give a modern holey look to denim.

- Navy blue

- Dark blue

- Light blue

- Sky blue

- Indigo blue

You will find different styles in these colors , such as light wash, ripped, wide leg, skinny, and many more. Ripped, faded and washed jeans are very popular among the new generation.

3 - How to wear the Blue Dungarees?

The blue dungarees itself comes in many styles. If you are thinking of wearing blue overalls, there are countless ideas to choose from. Here are a few that can help you find La Salopette of your dreams.

1: Ripped overalls with a colored top

People of all ages, especially teenagers and 50-somethings, tend to wear ripped overalls. How about adding a colorful top to the ripped overalls? You can wear low-heeled sandals with it to give your look a trendy punch.

2: Overalls with jeans or a faux jacket

For teenagers, blue dungarees shorts are a great way to look cool. Pair your denim dungaree shorts with denim or a faux jacket to upgrade your look. Adding a fake jacket will also make you look youthful and famous.

3: Loose overalls with a white shirt

If you don't know what to wear for a night out with friends, don't worry, the blue wide leg overalls are the best option. They give a vintage and classic 90s touch to your personality. You can add a white crop top to complete your look.

4: Skinny dungarees and long trench coat

Foot-folded dungarees are for those who are obsessed with celebrity looks. Counterbalance your dungarees style with a long, light-colored trench coat. Choose a pair of stylish heels or sneakers. Don't forget to look at yourself in the mirror. You are nothing less than a diva.

5: Dungarees with turtleneck

Blue overalls with brightly colored turtlenecks are also very fashionable every fall. Bright colors like mustard yellow or green go perfectly with blue overalls. These warm and cozy colors will give you a cozy feeling in winter.

6: Loose overalls with a sweater

In autumn, baggy style overalls with sweaters are a complete outfit. It gives a vintage touch to your personality. You can pair it with flats or long strappy sandals.

7: Thin overalls and striped shirt

Skinny blue dungarees and striped shirts are the best combos for a dressy urban style that's on top of the latest trends for the end of the year. There are many striped shirts that go perfectly with jeans such as white and blue, white and black or white and brown.

Everyone has their own personality and taste in fashion. You can mix and match all the combinations above to get the look you need. Or you can go for a totally offbeat look, and believe me, that's okay.

8: The best shoes with overalls

When it comes to shoes, some styles are made for a dungarees look.

- Sneakers

- Sandals

- Heels

- Pointed pumps

- High heel boots

- Flat shoes

You can wear each of these pairs of shoes depending on the season.

9 - Other accessories

Many accessories allow you to dress up overalls while adding your own personal touch for an authentic and original look . Here are some examples of accessories you can add:

- Loop earrings

- Bracelets

- Delicate necklaces

- A pocket watch

- A belt

- A strawhat

- Repaired parts or Pins

A pro tip is not to overload your look when wearing dungarees, as this garment is a suit and can easily be worn with or without accessories. This allows you to play on many tables and on all styles.

Trendy Blue Overalls

4 - Why the Blue Dungarees?

You may have a better idea of ​​the answer to this question. Although the blue overalls perfectly replace La Salopette in our company, you can also choose your style. It depends on your mood, your personality, your size, and most importantly, the occasion. Where are you going ? What does your heart want right now? And after adding all these things, you will get your style right away. But believe me, a combination of blue overalls, white t-shirt with sneakers will never fail you .

It's the best outfit you can wear for an outing, a casual walk, grocery shopping, or lunch with your friends. A color and a dress are the first choice for anyone who wants to have a fresh and different look . Although this is a complete outfit , there are still countless choices for wearing overalls stylishly. Whatever garment you pair with the blue dungarees will look great, as blue is a universal color.

Blue Denim Overalls

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