The Boho Overalls

Have you ever thought about trying something original in your dressing room? If yes, then the boho or bohemian style suits you perfectly, as well as La Salopette . If you feel like you don't follow any social norms, then embrace this retro style. La Salopette are in themselves a very trendy outfit . In contrast, the bohemian style is non-traditional and loose. Overalls and boho style are a combination that adds grace and a vintage look to your personality for your outings or nights out.

1 - Boho Style

The style of people, especially artists who do not follow specific social norms and are free-spirited, is the prime example of boho style . It is not just a style but a whole ideology linked to art and creativity. They see things differently and like to follow their own instincts. Long beaded hairstyles and loose dresses with heavy metal necklaces and many bracelets are explicitly associated with the boho style, but the latter has evolved a lot in recent years by completely modernizing this look in tune with the times.

History of the boho style:

The boho style has deep roots in the Asian continent since the 16th century . It was the style of vagabonds who had no fixed abode. They wandered from place to place, with unconventional dresses that made them comfortable and in which they felt good.

Subsequently, in the 18th century, the term boho appeared during the French Revolt . The situation was difficult for artists, as they had no place in society due to conflicts in a social environment. Because of this rejection, creative people find it convenient to adopt this vagrant-looking style in an area of ​​Eastern Europe called bohemian .

Evolution of the boho style:

The bohemian style has evolved with each era and is more related to women, as nomadic women adorn themselves with beaded hairstyles, heavy jewelry, and clothing with geometric patterns . In the late 20th century, hippies rejected mainstream branded goods and introduced their eclectic dress code .

Today, the 21st century is the era of ultramodern thinking. Many designers introduced a new version of the bohemian style by adding new patterns and designs in clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes . In ancient times, people wore earthy tones, but now more colors are part of this style. Modern boho is associated with bright, bold colors and a somewhat eccentric style.

La Salopette and the Boho Style

2 - Overalls and Boho Style

Achieving boho style with overalls can be simple to tricky. You have countless choices to achieve a dreamy boho look while wearing overalls.

The perfect outfit

It can be more fanciful for women to achieve a trendy look by adding boho overalls to their wardrobe. If you want to style your hair differently, opt for accessories to enhance your look such as:

- Floral headbands

- Long pearl necklaces

- T-strap sandals

- Artistic patterns

- Serrated crop tops or loose embroidered shirts.

- Hats with a large outer surface

- Dangling earrings

Apart from the accessories, the colors and prints of the dungarees alone can give a bohemian touch to your wardrobe.

How are La Salopette perfect for the bohemian style?

In just one outfit, you can achieve a personalized bohemian look. That's why overalls are the best choice to get into new fashion trends. Also, adding a bohemian-style accessory, like dangling earrings, large layered necklaces, or even anklets, for a natural look without overdoing it.

Women's Boho Overalls

3 - A Boho Look with Overalls

Achieving a modern and original boho look with overalls is not so difficult. You can add bohemian-style accessories to play on the latest trends and show off your personality. Here are some ideas to transform yourself into a bohemian style.

1: Overalls with a printed kimono

Wearing a printed kimono over distressed denim overalls is the best way to enter the bohemian universe. A floral headband will be a great complement to your boho look, and you will feel comfortable.

2: Overalls with leather jacket

Why not try strappy leather jackets with overalls? For strappy jackets with fringe, chocolate brown color is best. Wide hats are a must-have to complete your typical boho look.

3: Backpack and handbag

With simple blue denim overalls, a bohemian-style crossbody bag goes well. Patterns and color combinations mark the bohemian statement.

4: Braided bracelets

Braids in jewelry or hair always show a retro bohemian style. Overalls with a white lace shirt and a braided leather bracelet will give you nothing less than a bohemian look.

5: Braided leather belt with loose overalls

Why not try a braided leather belt with baggy style overalls? A feathered headband accompanied by your outfit will change the whole stigma of the style.

6: Lace-up overalls with a simple crop top

The white laced overalls give a touch of femininity by adjusting a lace as a belt, add to that a simple crop top for your summer outings or to go to a festival for example.

7: Shoes

A pair of shoes is a real game-changer. Whether it's heels, boots or sandals you will always find a way to match this authentic garment with your favorite pairs of shoes.

La Salopette and the bohemian style are both at different poles of fashion but find a perfect match because they are clothing with character that highlights your unique look. But both are unique in their own way. Mixing the boho style with La Salopette makes you attractive and contrasting . The bohemian style has retained its value even today. Lace-up shirts, slouchy kimonos, heavy jewelry, and beaded hair are typically bohemian elements.

How to Wear Boho Overalls

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