Overalls and the Agricultural Environment

1 - La Salopette, a Real Tool for Farmers

You have necessarily seen them many times, work overalls, also called overalls, are an integral part of farmers' dressing rooms .

Indeed, the work of a farmer, whether in breeding or cultivation, requires quality clothing protection. Daily tasks are diverse and varied, so this workwear must be practical to put on and take off, comfortable and allow easy movement.

La Salopette are essential on the farm, they provide comfort while protecting the user from various injuries, burns, splashes of phytosanitary products, animal droppings during milking or other...

Waterproof and robust, it must be equipped with a quality closure (we all know the problems of closures that derail, which no longer go up).

But above all, it has many pockets.

I think that if you were to question a panel of farmers, all would answer that these pockets are very practical. Real "catch-alls", they are essential for having everyday tools at hand, the mobile phone...

Jean Overalls at the Farm

2 - What Clothes Did the Farmers Wear?

To return to the origins of peasant clothing, we are a long way from the long blouses and "frocs" worn in the Middle Ages.

Indeed, at the time, the farmers wore a " froc " which served as trousers accompanied by a long blouse with loose sleeves and tightened on the wrists. Without forgetting the famous light wooden clogs (it goes without saying).

For a long time, these long shirts / blouses were made of hemp canvas, they were gradually replaced by cotton . Material much more pleasant we will not hide it.

Agricultural machinery, working methods and clothing have therefore been able to evolve with the times in order to improve everyone's conditions for more pleasant work to be carried out by wearing more appropriate clothing.

Origin of Farmer's Dungarees

3 - Overalls, from Factory to Farm

We necessarily identify with the world of work our dear overalls and why?

Indeed, La Salopette are a vector of communication , a real uniform in some companies.

The choice evolved with the industrialization of the middle of the 20th century thanks to the appearance of locker rooms in factories, many mail-order catalogs began at this time to offer a wide choice of work-related clothing.

Originally, the " blue work " takes its name from the famous blue overalls .

Indeed, this easy-to-wear color has long been inexpensive to produce. It is also not very dirty and therefore necessarily adapted to the world of work.

To come back to the cotton mentioned above, most overalls or overalls for the world of work are made from the cotton plant. Indeed, it is a resistant, robust, inexpensive material and above all which ages well over time in the face of the many washes that the agricultural world imposes.

Green Agricultural Overalls

Often made in gray or brown for manufacturers, overalls are more particularly marketed in green for the agricultural environment, whether on farms or for horticulturists.

The evolution of colors has been accompanied by an evolution of design.

The dungarees have evolved over time according to the needs of each: adjustable strap, double closure...

4 - Agricultural Overalls, Trendy Clothing

Going from the businessman who wears a tie from Monday to Friday, to the many women wearing high heels even if the sneaker fashion prevails nowadays, it is easy to imagine the work of a person thanks to his outfit. People dress according to the people they meet. We give power to the eyes of others and to fashion.

This facility is even more so when faced with a person wearing work overalls.

There are many farmers today who are real entrepreneurs, they have one or more workers under their responsibility. They manage milking robots, software, and powerful weather tools that put them on the same level as a manager but a manager in OVERALLS .

Developments on farms have also resulted in the arrival of women in this rather masculine skilled environment. We are far from the time when the farmer's wife graciously helped her husband with the various tasks that the farming environment generates. Currently and for several years now, models of women's overalls for the outdoors, for the farm are offered and marketed. These models have also evolved over time according to needs and according to more open trades for women such as viticulture , horticulture , construction, forestry , etc.

Exhibitors at the various agricultural fairs and exhibitions (THE SALON DE L'AGRICULTURE, SIMA, SPACE, SOMMET DE L'ELEVAGE, etc.) are also numerous to offer overalls-type work clothes.

Aware of the time constraints faced by these workers, they take this opportunity to offer a wide range of overalls to meet everyone's needs.

Worn in all countries and by many people, work overalls are unanimous in terms of comfort, protection and reliability… they will still be worn by many and for many years to come.

Women's Agricultural Overalls

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