Overalls and Coveralls - The Right Tool for the Job

If these two terms, overalls and jumpsuit , often cross currents of conversation, the fact is that they do not have the same uses. An anecdote will better illustrate my point.

When I was in middle school, I asked my girlfriend the difference between a skirt and a dress. She was kind enough to explain to me that dresses started at the shoulders, skirts at the waist.

This blog will cover the same topic, but as it relates to jumpsuits and overalls, breaking down the differences within each category and then covering the best applications for each.

To begin, you need to understand the differences between the two.

1 - Jumpsuits and Overalls

The differences, which separate jumpsuits and overalls, are not very different from the details which separate skirts from dresses.

Although these clothes appear for the same events, workplaces as coveralls and overalls, coveralls cover more of the body than overalls.

The essential difference is that if you make a mistake on the construction site, you risk not finding the same comfort as usual, the functions not being the same . It is important to note that there are different characteristics in each of them. For example, not all jumpsuits are actually overalls with more fabric.

Don't worry. This will all make sense later.

Coveralls and Overalls

2 - La Salopette

The more fashionable of the two, overalls may not cover everything, but they tend to go over everything. Apart from the jacket, we put it on last, putting it on over underwear , thermal clothing, socks and sometimes even other pants as was the case at the beginning of the 20th century for workers .

An essential difference is found at the shoulders . Overalls never cover them, nor do simple heavy-duty straps on each shoulder to hold them in place.

Among the advantages of overalls are the absence of a belt, protection of most of the body against splashes and even against fire for flame-resistant models. Not to mention that they are designed with more than one practical place to store these tools during a construction site. They generally have not only additional pockets, but also larger-than-life pockets due to the bib that covers the chest.

The disadvantage of overalls is the "difficulty" with which they can be removed. It always goes on easily, but taking it off can vary. In a bathroom emergency situation, wrestling with your overalls in a tight space can be a nightmare of a special kind. But rest assured, flies have been designed to overcome this inconvenience.

From a fashion perspective , overalls don't always wear as well as jeans in the workplace, but fashions come and go. Some years, overalls make their debut in nightclubs and on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows . This garment with its unique charm never ceases to amaze.

Another advantage of overalls is that they often have one or more pockets just under the chest. These pockets are ideal for storing everything you need, such as plans, tools and cell phones , to name just a few examples.

Speaking of pockets , most overalls have more pockets than a single person can use, from five to eight , plus a hammer loop for most. It's surprising that overalls aren't more fashionable for this reason, as they give people plenty of space to store their belongings and a modern style that should make a statement.

Worker Overalls

3 - The Combination

As the name suggests, a wetsuit covers more surface area of ​​the body . The key point of differentiation is again at the shoulders. In short, wetsuits cover them, as they cover everything .

Some suits come in a short-sleeved version, others in a long-sleeved version. Most employers require overalls or coveralls at least with a t-shirt for work.

Overalls and coveralls are available in insulated versions. You can find flame-resistant versions of each, but the best insulated of the two is the combination.

The disadvantage of the suit is in terms of mobility. Tied to a single uniform from ankle to shoulder , some feel restricted when wearing a suit. Most current suits take into account the fact that the wearer will have to move, but some are still restrictive.

To gauge your personal preferences, you can try a few examples of each combination, reaching up and down as far as possible before deciding. You'll look smart, but it's better than feeling cramped at work.

Finally, the front pockets of most wetsuits are different from those of overalls. Unlike the bib pockets of overalls, the breast pockets of overalls tend to resemble the pockets of a button-down shirt. And we can say that when it comes to style, jumpsuits have lessons to learn from overalls.

Artisan Jumpsuit

4 - Work Overalls

Historically, railroad workers wore overalls due to the dirty environment of the railroad world. Today, however, the epitome of overall work falls to either the professional painter or the handyman.

To know if this is the right choice for you, consider the nature of your job. Does it require you to hold objects against your body to carry them?

During your work, liquids or objects may fly away, spoil or damage your clothing if they are not protected. Modern painters love overalls because they allow ideal mobility while providing better protection from wet paint than without. Of course, any painter worth his salt will tell you that a good painter does not put paint on his overalls, that he wears them out of tradition . Maybe, but just in case, they protect the stomach, chest and back of the wearer.

This is why many people who work in work clothing environments choose to wear overalls out of tradition, whether they are foremen, administrators, contractors, or other roles less labor intensive.

Without being too bulky, La Salopette complete the look of someone who knows what they're doing.

Modern Work Overalls

5 - The Work Suit

In other words, a person who needs protection from the shoulders down to the ankles needs a suit. Threats to protect against range from grease to fire, and can include freezing cold. The same goes for those who work in chemistry, electricity, and hazardous materials.

Many factories use the suit more as a way to protect their product from employees than the other way around. Often in these cases, everyone in the factory wears the suit, from the CEO on down. In the majority of companies, it is part of mandatory PPE .

Military forces , particularly the Navy, wear suits as part of their uniform, but it goes deeper than that, into space. Astronaut uniforms are jumpsuits. Even the spacesuit worn outside the International Space Station is a kind of advanced suit.

That said, everyone should own either a jumpsuit or overalls , if only to wear them around the house on Sunday morning. With good slippers and a good cup of coffee, there's not much more to want.

Astronaut Work Overalls

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