The Different Styles of Overalls!

The first overalls were mass-produced in the 1890s by Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis at Levi Strauss & Co. but, originally, they were suspenders attached to jeans and used as protective clothing in jobs such as works or building sites .

It was work clothing, worn by the poorest people of the American population in the 1930s during the Great Depression . Trades like mining, logging, and farming required durable clothing, which helped to gain popularity among people in these professions.

However, nowadays overalls have been modernized and become popular due to the utilitarian and more durable garments found in urban street fashion (streetwear) today.

1 - The dapper dungarees! ☀️

Fashion Overalls

For the everyday man who isn't very fashionable and just wants something easy to put on, overalls might actually seem like an odd choice, especially because they're seen more often on women. at the time. Although the dungarees were originally designed for the worker, they have become much more sophisticated thanks to the luxury brands that give their own style to this garment.

Today, overalls can be seen with finer fabrics, better fit, tighter silhouettes, and a more fashionable look than the original jeans created by Levi Strauss . Despite the dungarees' blue-collar roots, if you want to wear them with a dapper look, it's best to wear a tighter pair, or have a more unique style compared to the original silhouette.

Try wearing overalls with longer straps , like suspenders, to show off a shirt with a cool pattern like stripes. Pair them with sleek and sophisticated accessories, like a fedora or other fancy hat. For a more elegant and still a bit casual look, keep La Salopette tight, but maybe try a darker color like black, and pair it with a t-shirt. If you wear black overalls , a bright shirt, like in yellow, will stand out. Keep your look casual with a clean pair of sneakers.

Black Overalls

For an even trendier, yet still stylish look, wear dungarees in a softer fabric. For this style, it's best to avoid denim unless you're pairing it with a fancier shirt. Pair them with a simple form-fitting shirt underneath and some casual, but not too sporty, sneakers.

2 - Work Overalls 🔨

Who would have thought that overalls could really be on edge? While many think the "dungarees" look is something farmers or construction workers wear, they don't have a reputation for super high fashion, especially for men. But, in recent years, several popular brands have come up with their own versions that look like they can be worn straight from the runway.

Work Overalls

Many brands that make dungarees, like North Face , have in the past collaborated with high fashion brands to create dungarees that can be worn in the office or at a club , not just on mountain hikes. Even fast fashion brands like Zara have jumped on the bandwagon, showing camouflage overalls in the past, and currently vintage jeans . They even extended the look to black jumpsuits with buttons and front pockets, and another overalls with a zipper .

To wear a trendy look with overalls , you have to think plain, but not necessarily dark. Try vintage, lightly washed overalls with a bright, attention-grabbing t-shirt. Wrap them around the ankles to show off a fashionable pair of sneakers. For a trendier, but less "look at me" outfit, try basic dungarees with a dope-dyed t-shirt and a pair of Converse sneakers . If you're going for a lighter wash, compensate with a form-fitting black t-shirt underneath and fashionable sneakers with a unique pattern.

Just because you're wearing overalls doesn't mean you have to wear suspenders or a flap. A striped shirt pairs well with denim overalls and provides a striking contrast to the blue. Pair it with lace-up boots, rather than regular, casual sneakers.

3 - The Hipster Overalls 🎩

Hipster Overalls

Hipster outfits with overalls certainly provide some leeway when it comes to the style as a whole. Overalls are truly a hipster piece of jewelry , because the whole point is to be unique , yet stylish , looking like you just threw something on them without thinking.

Rather than wearing denim overalls , you can play around with color and style, including what you wear underneath. Carhartt is known for its durable overalls used in areas like construction, but the color and style would work well with a trendy outfit.

In 2018, Chris Pine was spotted at London's Heathrow Airport wearing a pair of Carhartt dungarees and somehow the world went crazy because of it. He even stuffed his passport and travel documents into his bib pocket , setting the internet on fire and sparking debate about the intricacies of such a style statement. It was that year that overalls really had their heyday, and while the trend isn't worn as often in 2020, it's decidedly trendier that way.

An olive green color is a very trendy look, paired with a neutral color like black. If you want to get into the hipster era, accessorize it with a unique hat, perhaps inspired by a train conductor. Olive dungarees can also be paired with a more casual look, such as a dyed shirt in simple colors and a pair of skater sneakers. Wear it with a simple hat. If you're really looking to grab attention, you can throw on a uniquely patterned shirt in different colors. Pair it with a pair of sophisticated, lace-up vintage shoes.

4 - The Korean Overalls 🇰🇷

Korean Overalls

Korean overalls , like many of their styles, take inspiration from the look but add their own twist to it. Rather than wearing simple overalls with a shirt underneath, the overall Korean look, like most of their outfits, seems to be straight out of the box . A jumpsuit, perhaps in a chic fabric, also inspired by blue collar work positions, is something you will see in Korean fashion.

Korean dungarees would look ultra stylish, perhaps with something super unique like a blazer underneath or a vest, all in a similar color family of course. When wearing this outfit, think high fashion , runway, something that grabs attention but not because of some crazy pattern, the colors are kept neutral and simple . Try some cool black overalls, maybe in a different pattern like leather, with a simple t-shirt and leather shoes to look trendy. Add other unique pieces, like a Brixton Fiddler cap.

South Koreans are known for their original and unique style , which is why they are in the best position to create a piece like overalls. Most men are afraid to jump into this trend because it is a historically feminine item of clothing. If anyone had to know how to wear overalls, it would be Korean men.

To really have a Korean look, you have to wear something fancy and fancy, but in simple fabrics and colors. Consider neutral-colored overalls , paired with a beige trench coat or a white button-up shirt. Korean men love contemporary fashion , so try overalls in a soft fabric, or maybe leather. Even something more casual, like a turtleneck sweater, would look very stylish.

5 - The Streetwear Overalls 🔥

Streetwear Overalls

Streetwear has a wide variety of styles you can try on, but the most important thing to note is that you'll want to keep it super casual, with loose, soft fabrics and a wide variety of colors . Street fashion is all about fashionable looks, but I just said that.

Try streetwear dungarees in a heavy, loose fabric, with a relaxed, oversized tee, and skate sneakers. For a more unique streetwear look , try a jumpsuit, paired with an open button down, or a sweatshirt around the waist. Mixing and matching patterns is a good idea, but try to keep it all in the same fabric , like cotton maybe. Overalls are available in many cool designs and you can look trendy with leather or heavier fabrics. Suits can be a little tighter , as if inspired by a Formula 1 driver.

Overalls don't have to be buttoned up, you can also wear a pair with a zipper , making your outfit ready for the runway, and high fashion. Street wear should be as elegant as a magazine cover, as unique as Korean fashion, while fitting into everyday life and the streets.

For a more chic streetwear look, try tighter denim overalls , with a wool cardigan thrown over it, and a pair of lace-up boots. Accessorize it with a simple winter hat and you'll look magazine ready. Leave the suspenders and bib at the bottom, and pair La Salopette with a relaxed cotton tee and Vans sneakers for weekend attire. Uniform business attire is a simple shirt, denim overalls in any color, and a pair of sporty sneakers, making it perfect for lounging around.

5 - The City Overalls 🌆

Urban Overalls

Similar to the streetwear dungarees , the urban look is casual , but it has taken on a bit of a twist to be a little more fashionable. Think Coachella meets thrift stores on the runway, with laid-back pieces that are worn in a more modern way.

Think outside the box with tighter overalls that are a little ripped and tapered at the ankle. Team it with a striped tee and Converse sneakers to stay urban. If you're a unique dresser who likes to draw a little attention to your fashion taste, opt for a showy sweater paired with loose overalls and a strap left open. Then again, Converse sneakers are the ultimate in urban footwear, so you can't go wrong pairing them with your overalls.

Urban overalls look even better if the denim is unique , with a destroyed look, or perhaps a varied pattern. Team dungarees with unique denim, a simple cotton shirt and really cool but sporty trainers. Overalls, although they have an urban look, can be spiced up with a bit fancier pair of shoes, like lace-up boots, but in general, sneakers work better with a casual urban look.

The colors of urban dungarees should be simple and neutral : black, white, olive green and normal blue denim. An urban look is understated and not overly showy, but still stylish and well-matched. It is casual, but does not give the impression that the wearer is trying to look fashionable.

If you do wear accessories, keep them simple: a baseball cap or a warm winter hat, but no jewelry or flashy pieces.

5 - Vintage Overalls 📻

1990s Style Overalls

You found a pair of overalls at the thrift store and you don't know how to show them off? Think about it, the more unique, the better . However, that doesn't necessarily mean crazy patterns or rainbow colors, just silhouettes you wouldn't normally see or eye-catching tailored garments.
Patterned overalls are super vintage , like stripes in a linen fabric; turn them into even more vintage dungarees with wide legs or tapered legs.

Your overalls don't have to be vintage to achieve this look, either. You can pair a nostalgic 90s-inspired hoodie with lightly washed denim overalls and Converse sneakers. How about going back to basics? A vintage look could take inspiration from the original farm style La Salopette were designed for. Pair of denim overalls with brown boots and a simple cotton t-shirt; a hat to shield the sun from your eyes is also an idea.

Vintage Overalls

A vintage look doesn't discriminate by year or personality type. A skater from the 90s could absolutely wear overalls, but in a darker, more vibrant color like black. Pair them with a logo tee and bright colored skater shoes. Concert and band t-shirts are still a vintage staple, and thanks to overalls, usually denim, they can easily be paired. Try a pair of casual skater shoes to accessorize.

If your goal is really to grab attention, think outside the box and opt for brightly colored overalls in another fabric. If you go for a bright color like yellow, you'll need to pair it with darker, more neutral colors like black and blue.

Yellow Overalls

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