Outfits to Wear with Overalls

Denim outfits are always popular and I see no reason why you should avoid wearing denim pieces. You are free to wear it in so many different ways, from jeans to dresses , from headpieces to accessories. In other words, this fabric can be worn by everyone. In today's article, we really want to share with you some fabulous outfit ideas and how to wear them this year.

1 - How to Pair Denim Overalls with a Shirt

This paragraph is devoted to practical and comfortable denim outfits that we can wear on the street and on special occasions. Sometimes we are missing something in our daily looks. This "something" is a stylish detail that makes us stand out. This is where denim overalls come in! This gorgeous denim piece pairs perfectly with everything from classic shirts to casual tees, heels to sneakers . Current fashion includes loose-fitting dungarees, tight dungarees, worn with or without straps, etc. Most women are afraid to buy this garment because they simply don't know what to wear with it. What's fun is that you can pair the denim overalls with almost anything, including a turtleneck, crop top, lace blouse, sweatshirt, and more.

Frankly, there's nothing difficult about wearing denim overalls with a shirt , just make sure the top fits you well and there aren't any bulky details showing on either side. A white shirt will be superbly layered with dark blue denim overalls. You should definitely try striped shirts worn under denim overalls . If you want to look cool and trendy, I recommend pairing denim overalls with a chambray shirt. What could be more trendy than seeing women who complete their casual style with sexy heeled pumps , the result is very trendy and very special. So why not take a closer look at the following outfit ideas to find your favorite look?

Wear Overalls with a Shirt

2 - Some Outfit Ideas to Wear with Denim Overalls

All these combinations were inspired by street style trends as well as outfits put forward by stars . What you need is to take the idea of ​​one of these outfits and try to copy it by customizing it to your wishes. I'm talking about 90s-inspired essentials, like overalls or grunge-style jackets. What you need is to choose your favorite piece of denim and try a few new things, if you're not used to wearing jeans regularly. Don't be afraid to be chic in denim ! You just have to make the right choice - think of double denim as a starting point! You don't have to buy expensive jeans to be fashionable, keep it casual and simple ! By the way, I love 1970s fashion, it's very easy to keep the 70s inspired, you'll need flared denim overalls and a lace top or a sexy blouse with bell sleeves. Another inspiration with a nice crop top, a denim skirt and comfortable shoes! Choose a flattering denim dress, it will reinforce your unique style and make you stand out from the crowd! So, what do you think ? Get yourself a nice denim outfit to stay fresh and trendy on every occasion! Here are the ideas we came up with:

You can have fun on relaxed walks in the countryside. You'll need simple black denim overalls and pair it with a lightweight abstract print blouse. Complete this look with black leather strappy sandals and a tan leather backpack .

Have fun with black and white! We see black denim overalls that can be worn over a classic black and white striped crop top . Add a black fedora hat , black leather peep-toe ankle boots and a black leather handbag .

I also recommend trying on some off-white short overalls . She looks great with a dark blue paisley print blouse . Add black leather flat sandals and round sunglasses.

Ripped blue skinny overalls look glamorous, but you should wear them to casual events. Give it a dressier look by adding a blush crop top adorned with shiny sequins. Complete this combo with sparkly sandals, rounded sunglasses and a shiny sequin clutch.

Don't be afraid of double denim looks! You will need ripped men's overalls, an oversized denim jacket , and brown leather ankle boots . This combination is ideal for casual trips in the great outdoors.

How to Wear Denim Overalls

Double jeans can be dressed up by opting for a more fitted cut but keeping the same idea! You will need skinny overalls, a dark blue denim shirt and black leather boots. Complete this outfit by adding a printed kimono in wool fabric, a black leather bucket bag and a simple bracelet in silver or wood.

Keep an urban and sporty look ! You will need dark blue denim overalls , a white t-shirt , a black baseball cap and black sneakers . Don't forget to add round mirrored sunglasses and a black leather bucket bag.

Use prints to show your individuality! You will need vintage floral overalls , a bohemian print top and a white bag of the same print. Complete this combo with a pair of flat sandals.

A simple outfit for daytime walks. You will need dark blue denim overall shorts , a white t-shirt and a white panama . Add black aviator sunglasses, a yellow leather backpack and white ankle boots.

There are other ways to match this timeless piece that is the dungarees, in the next paragraph we will present the one that we find the most suitable for each everyday situation, especially for going to work with an original and distinguished style . We will of course discuss how to match overalls with a shirt.

If you have other outfit ideas or want to tell us about your essential fashions for the coming year, contact us at the following address: contact@la-salopette.fr ! Looking forward to reading you !

Outfits to Wear with Denim Overalls

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