Wear the 80s Overalls!

The 80s era was iconic in terms of fashion and style. Neon colors, baggy shirts, faded denim jeans, headbands and bright makeup describe the tone of the 80s. Only the word "80's" itself sounds nostalgic. Even today, many people wear 80s clothes as a new fashion statement. Let's see together how to wear the 80s overalls !

1 - Evolution of 80s Fashion

The fashion industry of the 80s saw a see-saw style change. From dresses to jewelry to shoes , many designs have been associated with the 80s. From baggy shirts to jeans, from long flared skirts to mini skirts and faux jackets, the 80s decade was full of variety and style. choice .
Apart from the outfits, many accessories were also part of the style. Shiny waist belts, headbands and hoop earrings were must-haves. Pearl necklaces, stud earrings and bracelets were the priority of first ladies and less wealthy women.

2 - The appearance of La Salopette!

The dungarees are an elegant garment that adapts to all clothing needs. You can style La Salopette in different ways. In the 1980s, overalls carved out a special place for themselves in the hearts of pop stars, Princess Diana and Coluche-type comedians.

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Jean Overalls for Men

A real clothing innovation!

Overalls are different from skirts and jeans; that's why they occupy a unique place in the world of fashion . An outfit that could bring together a work bib and construction pants? It was really something new and practical at the same time. The explosion of denim cotton textiles favors the expansion of dungarees and makes them a tasteful piece in a dressing room.

La Salopette, an ecological solution? 🌍

La Salopette are made of durable fabric , that's why they last a long time. Even many washes don't make their fabric rough and faded. Thanks to the strength of the fabric, professionals choose overalls as workwear . The first people to wear overalls were sailors, then painters or craftsmen, handymen... Subsequently, overalls became the emblem of the working class such as plumbers, engineers, artists and many more. others.

Finally, the dungarees have established themselves as an essential fashion outfit combining work values ​​steeped in history with the real practical interest of the garment itself. Noble fabrics such as cotton denim or jeans ensured safety for workers, thus avoiding accidents. Craftsmen and tailors had to adapt and offer choice overalls of exemplary quality and longevity!

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La Salopette, an All in 1!

Based on the principle of the Habit all in 1, the dungarees allow you to make some small savings. But watch out for mistakes in taste! Here is a list of clothes you can wear with the dungarees and be sure not to make a mistake:

- Crop tops
- Turtleneck
- Sweatshirt
- Heels
- Flat shoes
- Sandals

Everyone can wear it!

Overalls are for easy-going people . You can wear them as both casual and formal dresses. In a casual style (but still more technical), the streetwear dungarees ! For an original, trendy and sharp effect 🔪

3 - The 80s Overalls!

40 years ago, there were two simple ways to wear overalls.
- Overalls with neon and vibrant shirts.
- Overalls with light-colored sweaters and sweatshirts.
People chose color combinations based on their personality . Along with overalls, accessories were an essential part of a complete look.
You can get an idea of ​​the style of La Salopette by observing the wardrobe of famous artists of the time. Whitney Houston , a famous 80s singer, kept the style simple but accessorized it with a fanny pack. Madonna , a fashion diva, and the singer were also spotted wearing overalls in the 80s a number of times with glamorous looks.

Retro Overalls

4 - The Vintage Overalls (today...)

Fashion always repeats itself after one or two decades. Old trends are nostalgic; people feel connected to them. In the 80s, overalls were as popular as other dresses. Even today, overalls are a famous dress code on the streets. Overalls are once again a hit with fashionistas . Here are some of the 80s dungarees styles that are still going strong and you can embrace with confidence.

Overalls in pastel shades:

Lightweight pastel-hued denim overalls were all the rage in the 80s. The world-famous Princess Diana was spotted twice in lightweight blue overalls with a pastel-colored shirt. During a visit to a polo match in America, she wore yellow overalls with a floral shirt in pastel shades. What different and warm colors she chose! Other times, she was spotted in light blue overalls with baby pink t-shirts.

The "baggy" dungarees:

Baggy style was the hallmark of the 80s. Baggy, baggy dungarees with a baggy, chunky sweatshirt or sweater is so comfy, you'll fall in love with this combo. Don't forget to fold your dungarees on the side of the leg to give a perfect 80s look, you can also try the hems according to the cut of the dungarees.

La Salopette in "faded denim":

Acid wash denim overalls are a style unto themselves. If they are torn or torn, it is more than acceptable and not shocking at all, on the contrary! Remember, this 80s style of washed overalls never goes out of style . We still love them in 2021 .

Overalls with a fluorescent shirt:

Have you seen Season 3 of Stranger Things on Netflix? The best would be for you to be fascinated by Eleven's neon graphic t-shirts. You can wear neon colored tee shirts with retro designs not only to look fashionable but also to feel the vibes of the 80s. By giving volume and slight curls to your hair , you will achieve a model look 80s in overalls.

Overalls for Women 80's

Light shades with overalls:

In addition to neon shirts, there is another extreme, namely sweatshirts and sweaters in light tones . Light gray baggy sweatshirts with overalls are always popular and easy to pair. It is also in 2021 the most common way to wear overalls. Combine a camel sweater with black overalls for a bohemian chic style!

Overalls with a striped top:

Striped tops can never be old fashioned or old school . Breton stripes have never been so trendy and cool to wear as they are today. There is a wide range of color combinations in striped sweatshirts . But if you want to get that 80s vibe back, vibrant striped shirts in light colors are perfect for you.

The accessories with La Salopette:

The best time to learn how to use accessories is during the 80s. But in the 80s, a girl's look was incomplete without the proper accessories.

The shoes :

Many shoe brands had their heyday and early popularity in the 80s. Some of these shoe styles pair perfectly with overalls.
-Adidas campus
-Doc Martins
Women's favorites were loafers , white sneakers , jelly flats, primary pumps, and white joggers . Sneakers were the first choice of young people even in this decade.


Headbands were a staple of 80s casual style . Banana clips were very popular among girls. Headbands with large bows were also very pretty at the time. Other than that, scrunchies were easy to wear for college girls. Always with lots of colors and patterns, reflecting a radiant era of good humor and dancing music! 💃

Sunglasses :

Without sunglasses, your look is never complete. As soon as you put on your sunglasses, your avatar transforms into a model look. 80s sunglasses had funky frames or metallic frames with big lenses. 🕶

The belt at the waist:

Although not necessary with overalls, the waist belt was contemporary and very fashionable and accentuated the thin waists of the ladies of this era. With linen dungarees (for example) the wide belt at the waist is an accessory that sublimates you and will sublimate your linen dungarees of the day!

Jewelry :

Funky, retro, plus size earrings best define 80s fashion . Pearl necklaces and gold-colored multi-chain necklaces were also in style. Who can forget Madonna's arm filled with black rubber straps with overalls?
You can also wear this type of jewelry today. Like in the 21st century, people are not required to wear a specific fashion. While just wearing overalls completes your look , you can add any of these accessories.

Overalls with Sweater

In conclusion :

Today, there is no specific style. Everyone follows the way he likes. But the 80s had their charm and nostalgia. In the hot summers and the silence of autumn, the heart tends to wear comfortable retro dresses . La Salopette are a style of clothing that does not age. She is always in fashion . You can achieve an 80s look with overalls if you want to be a little different from the rest. Acid wash overalls, wide legs, a bright colored shirt, simple shoes and a headband are all that will take you back to the 80s.

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