Wear Overalls When Pregnant

1 - Dressing When You're Pregnant

Our body changes drastically during pregnancy. You should therefore wear clothes that are not only comfortable, but also suitable for your growing body .

During pregnancy, your body is on high alert due to the drastic hormonal changes that usually lead to skin sensitivity, which makes your body prone to allergies and rashes. It is imperative to wear clothes made from the right fabric if you want to avoid any type of skin irritation.

The first trimester of pregnancy is synonymous with nausea and vomiting for most women. Wearing uncomfortable clothes is not the wisest decision, because you are only contributing to aggravate your condition. Tight clothes can cause heartburn and indigestion, which in turn can cause nausea and vomiting.

Going through nine months of pregnancy means that you will also go through different seasons . Many pregnant women find the summers too hot and the winters too cold. Wearing cotton clothes during the summer can keep you cool as the fabric absorbs sweat.

2 - Why Choose Overalls When You're Pregnant?

First of all, maternity overalls are so, so...cute. There's something fun about overalls, and you'll get compliments every time you wear them.

More practical than onesies, more industrial than jeans and shirts , dungarees are a complete outfit in one garment - and maternity dungarees are even more impressive. After all, it's the versatile outfit that houses you and your future baby. Plus, when you're pregnant, your growing belly and breasts make it difficult to find clothes that fit — let alone ones that are uncomfortable. It's tempting to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes, but it's a complete waste of money, and chances are you're not wearing 90% of those clothes when you will lose your hump. Maternity dresses are another solid all-in-one outfit, but let's face it: There's something cool about overalls. And maternity dungarees just happen to be the perfect maternity wear, thanks to their adjustable straps (also great for nursing), side panels, and fabric that stretches to conform to your belly.

Between morning sickness and the growing baby bump, getting dressed each morning can be a challenge for moms-to-be. The ideal maternity wardrobe is comfortable , practical and easy to wear - without sacrificing your distinguished taste for fashion.

Above all, remember that cotton or linen overalls should be preferred when you are pregnant.

Your body will thank you and your baby will only be better off!

Denim Overalls for Pregnant Women

3 - La Salopette, this Practical Side:

Best of all, maternity overalls are versatile and super comfortable . Since there's no belt, you don't need to hide a jeans button under an oversized top or wear a belly band. Many maternity dungarees have adjustable straps, so they easily expand as your bump grows, then can shrink to become your favorite postpartum staple. And since they cover most of your torso, you can get away with wearing pregnancy shirts under them for a bit longer.

Pregnancy and one-piece clothing go together, like peas and carrots. Well, it's the same here. Overalls fit in all the right places without smothering your big belly. And when you're in your 8th month of pregnancy, let me tell you, anything tight on your belly is absolute torture. You still want to feel feminine and elegant , but damn it can be tough.

Practical Overalls for Maternity

4 - Overalls, after childbirth:

Many mums wear the dungarees after giving birth, when they are breastfeeding and starting to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. There's nothing easier than undoing one of the denim overalls' straps and dropping your shirt. Breastfeeding is then much more comfortable for you wherever you are.

Plus, the side panels at the waist give you a bit of grace and comfort as your body continues to change even after giving birth. And admit that it's always better to feel comfortable in a garment that perfectly hides what you hide.

It's a total victory!

We come across young mothers who continue to wear overalls after their pregnancy. And yes, this so trendy “casual” side becomes an addiction. You don't know what to wear, put on overalls . We agree on the fact that the dungarees, by their ultimately inexpensive cost, allow you to wear a complete outfit without having to rack your brains over the choice of your outfit. It goes with everything (you know it), and especially with a loose t-shirt and a nice pair of sneakers.

We're not going to lie to each other, you see them on your friends (pregnant or not), in your family, your sister, your aunt... Women's dungarees bring this cool, relaxed but so classy side.

When we pass in the street or when we view publications or photos on social networks, we literally crack in front of the mothers accompanied by their little girl or little boy dressed in the same way WITH OVERALLS of course! Like these "little ones" who wear it so well. They can move and play freely thanks to this fetish garment.

It is multi-generational, from baby to adult, thinking through the different phases of life, maternity, childhood, adolescence, adult life... Overalls are UNANIMOUS!

Overalls for Mother and Daughter

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