Why is Overalls so Trendy?

There is no doubt that overalls are recognized as a stylish and stunning piece of clothing, as they are comfortable , fashionable and fun to wear . It has been very popular since the 17th century, and its history is longer than you might think. Before talking about the trendy overalls, we would like to share the ins and outs of popular fashion products. So, let's take a look at its history.

1- Quick history of the Salopette

Did you know ? La Salopette are a reliable piece of clothing, the first appearance of which dates back to the 17th century. First of all, the word " Dungri " refers to a cloth made from the material found in India and bearing the name of the village. Later it was bought and then exported for Western countries and became popular as "Dungaree". At the time, the fabric was only used to make pants; however, in 1853, Levi Strauss created the men's dungaree pattern with the help of Jacob Davis using the term "Dungarees".
Later, the product was used for the average worker. In the 19th century, overalls were available in different colors and styles depending on the profession; painters had begun to wear white-colored overalls, while private individuals preferred to wear different shades of blue fabric. What is certain is that the blue overalls have never lost their popularity; nowadays, it is available in different styles under the name " Vintage Overalls ".

Vintage Blue Overalls

2 - The Salopette, a star's garment

As the professional working classes moved away from overalls, the public began to buy overalls and style them , following the unique methods to make them look a bit more stylish. The dungarees trend hit a new level when Princess Diana and Clint Eastwood were found wearing dungarees as people liked and praised them for bringing something new to the market.
Also, the introduction of new fancy designs influences the way people dress to dress. In short, people in western countries are heavily inspired by what is trending in fashion when people's most beloved celebrities wear it. Overalls are not just for men because nowadays many women's overalls are also entering the market with new trends, new designs and new styles. Women from the 21st century love this outfit and recommend it without problem!

3 - Why does the Salopette exist?

As mentioned above, La Salopette were considered ideal, especially for the working classes, as they were comfortable and durable due to their triple stitching. They had pockets for carrying all sorts of tools , while waist belts were no longer needed.
Overalls were very popular among workers in the United States. Their popularity began to increase during the 20th century with workers and merchants who worked in industry and agriculture. In France, overalls saw their popularity rise, especially in the 1950s!
Apart from men, women also wore La Salopette during the war years to work, while children used it to play, and they started using it since the middle of the 20th century.

Black Overalls

4 - Overalls are Trendy!

Overalls have been in fashion since the 19th century, as evidenced by the many popular celebrities who wear these garments. Once again they have become trendy in 2020. People have moved to many e-commerce sites to buy new style clothes especially overalls which are now available in different materials, styles and fashions. Many singers, actors and other people were spotted wearing overalls, which increased people's excitement.

5 - The Different Types of Overalls

Nowadays, different types of overalls are available in the market for men, women, girls and boys, including the following models:
- Overall leg shape : narrow, flared and straight leg with bell bottoms.
- Bib Configurations - These include the following modifications: Narrow, Wide, Zippered or Unzipped Bib, Pocketless Bib, Detachable Bib, and many more.
- Multiple closures - It includes the double row of elastic buttons on the sides.
- Overalls with Different Styles of Pockets - Generally, it has five styles of pockets, two in the front, two in the back and one built into the bib, which make La Salopette look fabulous and take you back to the days of his invention.
- Multiple fabrics (organic cotton, lightweight denim, blue denim, genuine denim and more).
- Different Uses - Nowadays, people use overalls for other purposes, including gardening, fashion, workwear, leisure, comfort, etc.

Blue Fashion Overalls

6 - La Salopette, a timeless outfit!

Other than that, dungarees have really been many people's favorite piece of clothing since the 90s, and it seems to be making a comeback again like most of the 90s trends. Different celebrities including Coluche and Rihana are appearing in gorgeous overalls. They know that this wardrobe item is very easy and comfortable and has never gone out of style.

In conclusion :

Without a doubt, overalls are one of the most versatile garments on the market , they are bold, creative and can be used with different combos. There was a time when overalls only existed in blue color clothes, known as denim, when it has become trending in different fabrics, styles and fashions to catch people's attention. Today, buying dungarees is no longer a headache, La Salopette® offers a wide choice of dungarees for men and women, for the members of your family and even for your children!

Fashion Teen Overalls

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