A Story of Overalls #1

In 2030, she is 8 years old, little Mimi, the weather is nice in the garden of Grandpa Michel and Grandma Rose. Her parents are on a medical mission in a country so far away that she has not remembered the name. Her own universe is this garden, not very big, but still enough for her to get lost in it a bit, or at least, so that she can play at getting lost in it.

Mimi is small for her age, blonde with big blue eyes, she is lively and full of imagination. Today, she plays explorer in her grandparents' garden. With her short dungarees, she is comfortable and runs everywhere! She jumps, climbs on the low wall of the garden, picks up a pretty pebble, pink, streaked with black, and takes her time to choose in which pocket she will hide her treasure. She has a choice, the big front pocket, those on the sides? It's that she feels good in her dungarees that she chose herself in our online store with Mamie Rose. Of all her clothes, this is the one she prefers, these beautiful yellow overalls which make her look like a buttercup in the middle of the flowers in her grandparents' garden. Grandma says it's denim … but what is denim? Grandpa says that the word comes from Mr. LEVI STRAUSS , that it dates from the 19th century, who used a fabric "from Nîmes" to make the first jeans . This legend has been somewhat lost over time, but the "de Nîmes" dungarees are still there, to the delight of little Mimi. And then it still intrigues her that this fabric is so old and that her overalls are so beautiful and brand new, with their pretty metallic buttons that shine in the sun and which make it an extremely solid garment , especially when an intrepid little girl decides to rush at full speed through the paths of the garden because she is pursued by extraterrestrials who are determined to kidnap her to take her to their distant planet... So many emotions! She prefers to go into the house where Grandpa Michel, in blue overalls , is repairing a piece of furniture in the kitchen. He has all his tools in his bib , down to the carpenter's meter which hangs from a loop on the side. These dungarees are well thought out, solid, practical, and they hold grandpa's back well, Mimi thinks, keeping this last thought to herself!

Work Overalls

Grandma Rose, in sailor overalls , prepares lunch. When she sees them both, she realizes that all three are in overalls and she is delighted with this ensemble.

- Grandma, why are you both in overalls like me?

-Because, my darling, your Grandpa and I have spent all the time of our lives with overalls and this garment suits us so well that we have given up dressing otherwise . You see, we are old now and this garment dresses us in style and comfort. And then, it was in overalls that I met Grandpa! Do you want me to tell you?

Mimi does not need to be asked and settles in comfortably, delighted at the idea of ​​hearing a great story.

- You see, begins Grandma Rose, we weren't always old like today and, 20 years ago, when we decided to settle in the countryside, we weren't very rich, we worked hard in this house. And we had to dress accordingly. At the time, I had found a shop called: la-salopette.us , a real treasure!!!! It still exists! La Salopette I'm wearing today have n't aged a bit ! Even though I gained a few pounds, it still suits me and makes me feel like I'm still very young!!!

…In short, to work in this house, I had chosen denim overalls with orange suspenders , especially for the garden and even for shopping! And frankly what a look! Your grandpa couldn't resist it! He who really liked to stay in classic blue work overalls, and depending on the type of work he had to do, with the tools he must have at hand, he dressed in blue work overalls with large pockets , the one he wears today, you see?

Overalls with Orange Suspenders

And then, when the working day was over, after a good shower, I always like to change into a vintage flowered women's dungarees, for example, or the Vintage Ample linen Rust dungarees, they're my favourite! These are the current models in the shop, but at the time, I kept this style, classy and relaxed, it suited me well.

Let's go back in time again, my little Mimi, I'm thirty years old, it's a Sunday, the weather is nice like today, and what do you think I choose to wear? I'm hesitating between the Tsukii light denim dungarees and the Sapporo green dungarees. These two models are a little baggy and so much the better for long walks or shopping in town. Both printed, each model will be highlighted with a sober and plain t–shirt. I choose the green dungarees and off I go with my little matching sneakers. And there, my gaze is drawn to a handsome gentleman, also in overalls, and of a model that I recognized right away: Jean air Korea overalls!

Obviously, we had the same clothing references and will you believe it? Your grandpa also recognized La Salopette I was wearing and that's how we started talking and getting to know each other! We saw each other again, we went out together to the restaurant; Dungarees dress in White Pagne for me and Classic Black Dungarees in Turbo Jeans for him. We went to concerts, and there too, always in dungarees adapted for the event, I often wore sarouel-inspired dungarees like the Women's relaxed dungarees dress or in another style, the Vintage damier Sukre dungarees and he loved for the occasion, trendy dungarees like the Bellici Men's Black Jean Dungarees or the Calgary trendy Jean Dungarees! What a handsome man ! And I was not left out, I was very watched! The trendiest couple of the time was us, we inspired more than one and more than one. Our friends have often taken to the Dungarees trend, and throughout these years we have found this garment with multiple trends, with constantly renewed colors and materials adapted to all the circumstances of life!

Here for the holidays, whether sporting or painful, there was always in our luggage, one or two short overalls; Men's White Spirit Short Overalls for example and Cerulean Blue Short Overalls for me, long overalls and the rest was secondary. This ubiquitous outfit guaranteed us every time wonderful stays whatever the places frequented. Adapted to all weathers, to all the reliefs of the earth, we camped, hiked, lazed around, visited… in overalls!!!


Even younger, when I was studying, I also liked the vintage overalls that this famous online store offered me, I remember the Vintage Boho Style Overalls , in black, a marvel! I put it on for a long time and on all the occasions that a student can experience: classes, a terrace with the girlfriends, window shopping! She lived everything with me this one!!!!

All this to tell you, my little Mimi, that life in dungarees is a real joy, and that wherever you are, you will find the dungarees of your dreams , your needs and your desires!!! Live your life and La Salopette will live it well too!

At the end of this story, little Mimi was very impressed, all these overalls in a lifetime, it was quite magical anyway! And grandpa and grandma didn't look that old, but they've been through a lot in their overalls!!! Thinking about it, Mimi said to herself that it was a magical garment that made all dreams come true and protected against all the bad twists of fate! Proud to have understood the secret of Grandpa and Grandma's happiness, she was sure to have golden overalls, eternal and protective, which would allow her to grow well, with her feet on the ground, and her head in the clouds, she had found the Fairy Overalls!!!

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